Wallabies in Maribyrnong

04 September, 2010

Swamp Wallaby - <I>Wallabia bicolor</I> (<I>Halmaturus ualabatus</I>) from J. Gould's <I>Mammals of Australia</I>, 1863, Vol 2, Pl 23.
Swamp Wallaby - Wallabia bicolor (Halmaturus ualabatus) from J. Gould's Mammals of Australia, 1863, Vol 2, Pl 23.
Image: John Gould, Lithographer: H.C. Richter
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Hi, my friend swears that he regularly sees wallabies from the Maribyrnong in the western suburbs. I think they're possibly Eastern Greys. Are either of us right? Are there wallabies near Melbourne?

Answer: We have no records in the museum of either wallabies or kangaroos in the Maribyrnong area.  The general flat open grassland would strongly suggest that the animal of concern is the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus. These macropods are regularly seen in surrounding areas and are most likely resident in this area too. 

The kangaroo is distinguished by its overall grey colouration and can range in size from one to two metres in height. Of possible local wallabies the only one that comes near the suburb is the Swamp (or Black) Wallaby, Wallabia bicolor; still, this animal prefers hilly environs with heavy vegetation rather than the open grassland.  Our closest records are from the hills about Gisborne.  It is very dark, almost black, in colour but often shows a strong cinnamon or rusty chest and belly region.

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Sammie 1 April, 2011 15:18
Yep .. spotted one today driving to work. Corner Brown st and Canning st Avondale heights... I videoed some footage incase someone thought it was an April fools joke
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