RIP Leela Chameleon

07 August, 2011

Leela Chameleon
Leela Chameleon
Image: Alan Henderson
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Where is Leela?

Answer: Visitors to the Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre would be very familiar with Leela and her friend Leon, the Veiled Chameleons. Leela in particular has captured the hearts of many - she has been the subject of two of our Question of the Week articles and has her own Facebook site.

Her fans have followed her life with great interest – her surprise arrival in 2006, her celebrity years in the Discovery Centre, her exiting (yet unconventional) egg-laying exploits and, of course, her big operation and miraculous recovery.

The Discovery Centre and Live Exhibits Teams are deeply attached to our live animals, so it is with great sadness that we must inform everyone that Leela was put to sleep earlier in the month.

Leela's health declined rapidly over a short period of time. She was monitored closely and was struggling to fight off an infection. It was decided that the best thing for her was to euthanize her – she was suffering and we were obviously uncomfortable with this.

Leela will be remembered fondly by us all.

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Kate 15 August, 2011 11:43
Sad news. Vale, Leela.
Nancy 15 August, 2011 20:54
Rip Leela.
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