Canberra Mint and the decimal changeover

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74  Melbourne International Exhibition Medals  1880 – 1881
75  Melbourne Centennial Exhibition Medals  1888 – 1889
76  Hans Irvine Wine Medals  1873 – 1904
77  Sir Frederick McCoy medals  1862 – 1891

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Carlisle, Leslie J., (2008), Australian Historical Medals 1788 – 1988, Sydney: Leslie J. Carlisle.
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Ryan 17 March, 2011 05:25
How can one tell which mint the 1966 2 cent piece was minted from? I've heard that certain claws are blunt from the different mints, but not exactly sure which one and if that is even true.
Renee 27 November, 2015 10:08
Hi Rebecca, I also have one of these silver 2 cent coins. Did you ever find out if they are valuable?
Discovery Centre 19 March, 2011 15:16

Hi Ryan, there are a number of useful online sites with images of coins from different mints.  According to the 2010 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 the 2-cent pieces minted in 1966 were in Canberra, Perth and Melbourne.  I have included the exact numbers below for you:

Canberra - 145 226 000

Canberra PROOF - 18000

Melbourne - 66 575 000 Blunted 3rd left claw

Perth - 217 735 000 Blunted 1st right claw

Rebecca 13 October, 2011 17:00
Does anyone know if 2 cent coins were mistakenly minted in silver? I have a silver 1966 2 cent piece.
Renee 27 November, 2015 10:37
Hi Rebecca, I also have one of these silver 2 cent coins from 1966. Did you ever find out if they are valuable?
Discovery Centre 21 October, 2011 14:18

It seems there may have been coins mistakenly minted in silver and about 15 wrongly minted coins were released, only nine of which seems to have been traced in 2008. If this source is correct some coins were wrongly minted by the actions of a disgruntled employee. Please be aware that the information on this site is not the result of academic research and may not be reliable so it might be worth contacting the Australian Mint to confirm the story. A special minting in silver is also currently available through the Mint.

Edward Houghton 18 June, 2012 21:33
Were can i get a photo of the 1966 one & two cent showing the blunt claws
Eli 22 July, 2014 18:29
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gabe 19 December, 2014 19:04
I havea fully frosted ten cen cointhat also has a two tone effect i need help to finf out what it is
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