Dinosaur eggs

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Teresa 24 October, 2010 08:20
I believe I have found a dinosaur egg. It's the right shape and size. And it appears to have an egg shell that is mostly intact. I live in the Bristol TN area. Is there some place local where I can have this item checked out?
Discovery Centre 26 October, 2010 14:23
Hi Teresa - That sounds like an interesting find! The East Tennessee State University seems to be not far from you, and they look like they have an active Palaeontology Department. I would start there, and perhaps they can recommend other useful resources.
David 27 November, 2010 15:58
I have just purchased what appears to be a dino egg. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. Is there a location I can take it to that may be able to identify it. Thank you. David
Discovery Centre 29 November, 2010 11:33
Hi David, you should probably try the Florida Museum of Natural History as we specialise in Australian natural history.
Jo 15 March, 2011 14:25
Hi there - I have found something that looks very much like a fossilized egg - is there somewhere in Sydney or Canberra, Australia where I could take it to be examined?
Discovery Centre 17 March, 2011 11:59
Hi Jo, you could try the Australian Museum in Sydney or the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra.
Damon 23 April, 2011 17:38
Hello! I have a rather large round stone that I believe is to be considered a dinosaur egg. My grandmother handed me down many arrow heads, petrified shark teeth, old pipes, etc.. when my grandfather passed away. I also have in my posession what is supposed to be a wooly mammoth bone. Where can I go in Grand Junction, CO to have these rarities checked out? Thank you!
Discovery Centre 27 April, 2011 14:13

Hi Damon; that sounds like quite a collection. Given Colorado is not too far from some world-famous fossil sites, you are quite well placed for Museums that will be able to help you, such as the Museum of Western Colorado. You can find out more at their website at http://www.museumofwesternco.com/visit/dinosaur-journey/

Good luck!

RENO 17 June, 2011 07:48
kristina 25 August, 2011 10:15
My son found an interesting "rock". It is an almost perfect egg shape,smooth, light beige, and has almost invisible holes all over. He found it amounst sea grass and some large rocks at a beach in Ma. Is it even possible to find a dinosaur egg in this area, intact, and in such great shape? If it is, do you have any idea what kind of dino came from this area and/or where to take it for more information? btw, its the size of a large chicken egg, maybe a little bit bigger. thx, Ps: my son is 11 and excited no matter what it is lol.
Discovery Centre 19 September, 2011 11:59

Reno and Kristina - without seeing the object, or even photographs, it is impossible to verify if either of your specimens are fossil eggs. Although, being an Australian Museum, we are not experts on your local geology, it is worth noting that neither Massachusetts nor California are known to yield fossilised eggs that I am aware of. We suggest you contact your nearest museums with expertise in natural history for specific advice on your specimens; be aware that theymay need to loan the material from you to examine it properly.


scott carnes 5 October, 2011 17:18
found dinosaur egss and other fossils in sault ste marie ontario canada who do i call ive compared it to your pics and many others seems real deal
Michael Meyer 1 December, 2011 13:42
My daughter found what appears to be a dinosaur egg near Cincinnati, Ohio.Who, in my area , can verify it?
Discovery Centre 1 December, 2011 13:46

Hi Michael,

We recommend that you contact the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science who may be able to assist you further. Their website is: http://www.cincymuseum.org/sciencemuseum


David Lin 26 December, 2011 02:13
Recently, I purchased an oviraptor egg. Where can I check out this item for real? Thank you for your help.
Discovery Centre 26 December, 2011 09:59
Hi David, Museum Victoria has a free Identification Service. You can send us pictures of your oviraptor eggs via our online form, or visit us at the Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre.
Tricia Posillico 3 March, 2012 13:25
Hello - I have found what I think is a dinosaur egg on the North Shore of Long Island in the state of New York. Can you recommend someone that I can have review the egg?
Discovery Centre 30 March, 2012 14:25

Hi Tricia,

Given your location, we recommend that you contact the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) who may be able to assist you further. Their website has details on the AMNH Fossil Identification Service.

daniel winge 11 April, 2012 09:51
I think i have an amazing specimen of a dinosaur egg .i live in sioux falls SD. who can i contact to check it out. ?
Discovery Centre 12 April, 2012 09:38
Hi there Daniel, we specialise in Victorian dinosaurs, so it would be best for you to get advice from someone in your more immediate area. One good contact could be the University of Montana Palaeontology Centre, the staff at which might be able to help you further with you question.
Lisa knight 10 July, 2012 19:52
I think I found a dinosaur egg where can I go to check if it is a dinosaur egg.
Discovery Centre 12 July, 2012 12:38
Hi Lisa, you are welcome to bring your specimen into Discovery Centre at Melbourne Museum. Our identification procedures will explain the process.
jim 3 September, 2012 10:15
I think I have found a nest of fossilized eggs in niagara region of Ontario, is there a place nearby that would look at them.
Discovery Centre 15 September, 2012 16:03
Hi Jim - I think the best place for you to contact would be the Royal Ontario Museum's Department of Vertebrate Palaeontology - good luck!
Angel 9 January, 2013 12:12
I believe my aunt has tons fosilised dinasoar eggs on her property in Tn. I am from Indiana and heading home from a short visit there. She asked us to take some and see what we can find out about them. Where should we start? Also can you tell me if there is any value to them other than a remarkable piece of history?
Discovery Centre 10 January, 2013 12:36

Hi Angel, given you are in the USA, you might be best served by using the Fossil Identification Service of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), which you can access here.

Hope this is of some help!

Matt 2 April, 2013 14:43
I have a fossilized egg in omaha nebraska were would i take it to see if it is real? A friend said she seen one on vacation at a museum I just tought it was a rock it is still right next to the other rocks time to find out if it is real.
Christopher 15 May, 2013 16:07
Hi I have what I think is a dinosour egg !! When I was a Kidd I went around Australia with my mum an dad.. I found a fossil witch looks a lot like a egg srounded in rock an I just want to know if it's the reall thing ... I live in Newcastle nsw Australia
Bonnie 4 June, 2013 10:32
My son found what he believes to be a dinosaur egg. The size and shape seem to be within what I have seen online but it is very heavy. How can we tell if it is real. He found it in California but we live in N. Nevada.
Brenden Smith 14 July, 2013 17:22
We have recently found an oval rock approximately 205mm x 140mm wide in a oval shape. Completely symetrical. Has what appears to have had an outer softish shell as a fossilised shell and other small small items are pressed into it. Has an orange ocre red interior. We found it approximately 5 to 6 meters down in a sedimentary lined cut through the ground. We were approximelty 500m from the ocean. About 100km from Albany on the WA south coast. Could it be a dinosaur egg.
Tina Lewis 20 April, 2014 11:17
I think I found a fossilized egg think it might b a dinosaur egg, looks similar. How can I find out found on beach in Campbell river last week I hope u can get back to me
Discovery Centre 21 April, 2014 10:33
caleb 16 May, 2014 23:16
i think my dad has found a fossil dino egg before
Cheryl Holloway 24 July, 2014 06:23
Discovery Centre 24 July, 2014 11:01

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry we are unable to provide identifications from photos, you are best taking your specimens to the nearest museum that has palaeontology collections.

Travis Carron 4 September, 2014 06:58
I have a bunch of what I believe are dinosaur eggs that we found on a jobsite. They were embedded in bluff when we were doing some excavation I have 8 or 9 that I took home. The jobsite was in the southern st Louis Missouri area. Where can I go close to here that may be able to tell me more about them and if they are really dinosaur eggs!!
Discovery Centre 5 September, 2014 13:27
Hi Travis - given your location, the best option for you would be to contact the Saint Louis Science Center, who are likely to be much better placed to assist you with your specimen.
Skye McGeechan 1 November, 2014 17:33
I visited the museum and saw the dinosaur egg. I am doing my naturalist badge for scouts and I need to explain the egg but I can't remember how old it was. Can you please give me an idea of how old the dinosaur fossil eggs are>
Discovery Centre 22 November, 2014 16:10

Hello Skye - there are actually two seperate displays featuring real dinosaur eggs, one in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition as seen here, and the other in  600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves. Both are Mid-Late Cretaceous in age (90-65 Million Years Old).

Hope this helps, and good luck!

john berry 22 November, 2014 08:00
I found clutches of prehistoric petrified egg in the north kimberley area. Each nest 4 to 6 eggs.about 35 clutches in total.300 /350 mm in length.cracked one open its a egg.hope too here from you .
john laan 19 December, 2014 20:36
I believe i have a dinosaur egg from central asia. I live in Melbourne, where/when can I bring this in for assessment? many thanks J
heath lowe 18 July, 2015 09:39
I have dug up what looks like a big nest of eggs the eggs appear to be oblong and about 4ins. This find is in the lower Missouri area I have pics if someone can help identify them
danny 31 July, 2015 08:01
i think i found dino egg near my job site here in North Dakota. its shaped like an egg, about 9 inches, weighs approximately 9lbs. could it really be a dino egg?
Mitch Elhage 25 October, 2015 07:13
Hi MuseumVictoria! I Have Genius Hour (Answering A Question) On, And My Question Is How Do You Dig Up Pre Historic Fossils? Could You Tell Me A Little Bit About How To Dig Up Dinosaur (Terrible Lizard) Eggs Or Email Me A Video?
Discovery Centre 28 October, 2015 11:24

Hi Mitch - there's not really a single approach to digging up dinosaur remains, as it depends a lot on the location and the type of rock where the bones are found. Dinosaur bones found here in Victoria are generally found near the beach, and we use rock saws, jackhammers, and hammer & chisels to look for them, as well as mapping the geology so we know where else to look. Other locations in the world need different approaches depending on the rock type and terrain, etc. A good site to look at how the process works is on the Smithsonian website.

We haven't found any dinosaur eggs here in Australia, so we can't really advise on this - instead, a good resource on this is found here.

Brett 13 April, 2016 19:53
Hi there, I was on the mid north coast of NSW last weekend and picked up an egg shaped rock that looks like it is carved on both sides. I've kept it and would be interested to know if it is an egg. Could you please supply me with an email address to send some photos to? Cheers, Brett
Discovery Centre 14 April, 2016 09:47
Hi Brett, feel free to send any images you have to us at discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au and just remind us in the email where you photographed them.
Cynthia 17 September, 2016 03:46
i just found a rock, and it seems it is a dinosaur egg, how to make sure of that? and what does it value?
Discovery Centre 17 September, 2016 11:00
Hi Cynthia, you are welcome to send some images of the specimen to discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au to start with. The staff may be able to identify it from images or may need to see the specimen itself. The museum doesn't provide valutions, but an online search for valuers should provide some avenues.  
Matt 14 October, 2016 07:21
I think I have a egg shaped fosseled egg . Can some one help .
Discovery Centre 14 October, 2016 14:53
Hi Matt, the museum is happy to attempt an identification. If you haven't already done so you are welcome to send any images you have to discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au Feel free to include any information that may assist us such as where they were found and it's helpful to have a ruler or something in the shot to give us an idea of scale.  
Cindy 28 January, 2017 07:51
I would like to send u a picture
Discovery Centre 28 January, 2017 10:09
Sure, Cindy! Feel free to use our Ask the Experts forms online, or if you have more than one picture to send, email us directly at discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au[.]
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