Growling Grass Frog, Litoria raniformis

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Live Growling Grass Frogs can be seen in the Forest Gallery at the Melbourne Museum. Specimens of this species are on display in the Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre.

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micah 21 August, 2010 09:45
to bad they are a endangered species in victoria and have a scattered distribution. Im going to a place called Cowies Creek (site 5) as populations of Southern Bell Frog have been located here 2009-2010 and 4 other frog species have been discovered around this area. The Site is considered high quality habitat for southern bell frogs, striped marsh frogs, common froglet, spotted marsh frog and brown tree frog
micah 22 August, 2010 08:54
and i found a southern bell frog yesterday around cowies creek area so yeah im wrapped
Lindsay Ellis 25 October, 2010 11:37
Prior to last Christmas (2009)a green frog arrived in my outdoor fish pond. No idea where it came from. I'm sure its a Growling Grass Frog but I've never heard it "crock". It has grown to about 90mm, then the other day (Oct 2010) a smaller frog (about 50mm) arrived. Hopefully next year I'll have a few more in my pond. The Green Growling Grass frog lives well in Portarlington, Victoria.
David Alldridge 28 March, 2011 13:48
I have built a pond in Narracan Victoria and to my delight 4 Growling Grass frogs have moved in to make it there home. I noticed the huge tadpoles last year. There are also a couple of Banjo frogs living there as well.
Elaine Elsum 15 June, 2011 10:29
Have a growling grass frog living in drain in Portarlington Vic.
angela 31 August, 2011 19:50
how did the growling grass frog get to their habitat in the first place.
Discovery Centre 5 September, 2011 10:06

Angela - according to the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, this particular frog is a very mobile species and can cover 1 kilometre in 24 hours; so this mobility accounts for how this species gets to its preferred habitats. See the following for more information:

Margaret Hewitt 21 October, 2011 09:40
Have a growling green frog in my garden and have been there for years took a photo of one last night one of my dogs can sniff them out but doed not hurt them
Patricia 20 December, 2011 16:56
I live in N.TAS on the Tamar River, There are at least 2 G & G's in my garden. One NOW sitting on the edge of an old bath with water and tadpoles in it and the other round the corner in an old cement wash trough. I'm hoping there will be some frogspawn soon.
Symphanie 24 July, 2012 19:11
I have been studying the Growling Grass Frog for 2 months so I have pretty much memorised all the facts about this Hylidae. And to be honest this is a great website but it needs more informatio.
Darren 1 December, 2012 11:07
I found a Growling Grass frog in my back garden in Portarlington, Vic. I have contacted Andrew from DSE for advice on what to do with it. I am just awaiting his call back.
Deb Oliver 21 January, 2013 17:10
Pretty sure we had a Growling Grass Frog in amongst the reeds in our dam last November, in St Andrews - we only heard it. We haven't heard it since the weather has become hot and dry. Hoping it will return or represent itself! Can they be identified by the growl only, are they found in our area and if it was a GGF what are the chances of it coming back to our dam?
Brendan Casey 22 March, 2013 15:29
Listen for the 'plonk' noise as they jump into the water. The sound is quite distinctive and indicates a GGF.
joshua 5 August, 2013 10:12
what do growing grass frog eats
Steve gardiner 26 October, 2014 17:01
We live 10k east of Daylesford on a five acre property with two dams. Last year we discovered we had a growling grass frog residing in the larger of our dams. My wife has viewed the frog on a number of occasions, sitting in a yabby hole on an island in the middle of the dam. Two days ago we heard the frog growling, so it appears the frog has returned again this year.
geoking 27 December, 2014 21:53
Had about 6 Growling grass frogs on Milfoil on 1 meg dam at Rokewood Junction, in June started to fill dam and they went wild. Now have about 200 young growlers on dam along with stripped marsh frogs and banjo's
David Allen 18 June, 2015 19:40
I grew up in Reservoir in the sixties and as a child these frogs lived in every drain, gutter and waterway. I was saddened to hear they are disappearing from much of their range. They are such a large and beautiful creature that were everywhere in mid sixties suburbia. Back then not every road was tared and not every drain was cemented in. Maybe this progress has helped lead to it's demise.
Mj 8 December, 2015 08:10
Hi I am currently building a pond I am planing on including lots of vegetation I am just wondering if growling grass frogs would come across got a visit I live in ringwood.
Heather Oliver 16 October, 2016 22:01
Growler Frogs livin dams at Muckleford vic
Deb Thaw 26 October, 2016 20:27
We live in south Kyneton. Our dam has filled for the first time in 7 years. I am sure I heard the call of the growling frog for the first time this week. Hopefully I will be able to see it one day.
Christiane Erlenbusch 13 January, 2017 10:23
Have a frog pond in Geelong habitat garden with Banjo frogs. This year heard a Growling frog for first time in my pond. Hope they can cohabitate.
Discovery Centre 13 January, 2017 15:16
Hi Christiane, great to hear you have Growling Grass Frogs. Hopefully any other species of frog you have are nice and agile as the Growling Grass Frogs will prey on other frog species. Fingers crossed there is room for all. 
cat 24 March, 2017 17:02
I have two of these frogs in my pond. Not sure if they are Growling frogs or Green & Golden Bell frogs. They can change to a very dark brown when they sit on dark wet rocks. and in the sun they go a really nice bright green. Can anyone help me to work out if they are male or female. thanks
Discovery Centre 2 April, 2017 11:13

Hi Cat,

According to A Review of the Biology of the Southern Bell Frog Litoria raniformis (Anura: Hylidae) by Graham H. Pyke from the Frog Ecology and Behaviour Group at The Australian Museum;

“Adult males can be distinguished from females on the basis of ‘nuptial pads’ or ‘rugosities’ on the first digit or ‘thumbs’ of their front limbs.  These pads are recognisably distinct from the rest of the digit as raised areas that vary from a very dark brown during the breeding season to a pale colour similar to that of the rest of the digit during the remainder of the year. Adult males also generally have darkly mottled throats while females have relatively clear off-white throats.”

Ian Morrison 31 March, 2017 08:02
We have sg frogs in the SEWater decommissioned dam here in Kunyung Rd Mt Eliza and this statuary authority wants to sell it off for housing thus killing off the remaining frog population
Alex Scott (Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Conservation Club Coordinator) 3 April, 2017 16:08
There are a number of Growling Grass Frogs (saw and photographed about eight) at the PEGS sports ground, Keilor Park. We have seen a population spike since the Conservation Club built a pond to provide breeding habitat.
Ethan 28 April, 2017 07:08
Does anyone know how many of them are left?
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