Haswell's Froglet Paracrinia haswelli

Frogs of Victoria series


The Haswell’s (or Red-groined) Froglet  is a small smooth-bodied species growing to about 35 mm in length. It is light grey-brown or brown above and has a narrow pale vertebral stripe and a dark stripe along the side of the head, broadening behind the eye and extending to the shoulder region. It also has pronounced red spots in the armpits, groin and underside of the thighs.

Red-groined or Haswell’s Froglet

Red-groined or Haswell’s Froglet
Photographer: Peter Robertson / Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

This species is widely distributed throughout Gippsland. Within the greater Melbourne region it is restricted to the south-east towards Westernport Bay and the Mornington Peninsula, where it lives in a variety of habitats associated with water.


Diet consists of small invertebrates. Eggs are laid in permanent, still water. Tadpoles grow to a maximum length of 31 mm.

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micah bonnici 31 October, 2010 10:21
do you no any good spots in Hastings to find these guys if not other parts of the mornington peninsula. Any specific national parks, state forests or reserves
micah bonnici 3 November, 2010 15:28
i was wondering for good spots in the mornington to photograph these guys for herpetological articles so if you could suggest a spot that would be much appreciated.
Discovery Centre 4 November, 2010 16:08
Hi Micah, your best bet is to contact the rangers for the parks in the area and see if they can assist you. The link for Parks Victoria's website is http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/ 


Danni 12 January, 2013 00:11
I think we just found one of these in our backyard but it doesn't have the vertebral stripe described. Can we send you photos to try and ID this froglet?
Discovery Centre 12 January, 2013 14:55
Hi Danni, you certainly can!  Please send your image to the Discovery Centre via the Ask the Experts page.
Amber Ferraro 22 July, 2015 17:00
I am pretty sure I found one of these guys today in my very overgrown vegetable patch in Park Orchards, near Donvale in the South Eastern suburbs. It seemed to have a deep orange on the inside of its legs when it jumped. I took a photo if you would like to see it.
Discovery Centre 23 July, 2015 12:07
Hi Amber, we would be happy to have a look at the image and confirm your identification if we can. Please feel free to send any images you have to discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au and just say in the email that your image/s are for enquiry number 41923.
Bev Mcphee 7 February, 2017 22:29
Hi my friend had 3 of what looked like these chaps that were in her small pool that had chlorine in it... i scooped the little fellows out and bought a small aquarium straight away ... set it all up they look very happy not sure what to feed the little critters on?? not really sure if these are the frogs shown here but they sure do look like them... any feedback would be great thankyou
Discovery Centre 8 February, 2017 11:41

Hi Bev

Thanks for your comment! We'd like to give you the best advice possible so if you could please email discoverycentre@museum.vic.gov.au and include pictures of the little fellows we'll be able to identify the species and let you know what to feed them. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take care


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