Leseur’s Tree Frog Litoria lesueurii

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The Leseur's (or Rocky River) Tree Frog, Litoria lesueuri, is a moderately large, pale fawn to brown species, readily identified by the marbling on the thighs and the dark stripe running from the snout through the eye to behind the ear opening. While the fingers are free, the toes have well developed webbing. Males grow to around 45 mm, females to 65 mm.

Rocky River or Leseur’s Tree Frog

Rocky River or Leseur’s Tree Frog
Photographer: Peter Robertson. Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

The Rocky River Tree Frog is restricted to the vicinity of fast flowing mountain streams from just west of the Melbourne area through eastern Victoria. Females are sometimes found under cover at higher elevations than the stream.


Its diet consists of small invertebrates. Eggs are laid in large gelatinous clumps attached to rocks or debris below the surface of still water. Tadpoles, which live in running water, grow to a maximum length of 45 mm.

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