Gold Nuggets

What are nuggets?

Nuggets are large masses of gold found in soil and stream beds, known broadly as alluvial deposits. While nuggets have been found on many goldfields around the world, those from Victoria were particularly large and abundant. From the time of the first goldrushes in the early 1850s, the discovery of a large nugget generated such excitement that news spread far and wide. Thousands of people from around the world migrated to Victoria, dreaming of making their fortunes on goldfields dripping, so they hoped, with nuggets.

Pride of Australia Nugget. D.25.23
Source: Museum Victoria

How many nuggets were there?

No one knows how many nuggets were found. During the late 1800s, the Mines Department compiled an official list of discoveries and also made models of some of the large nuggets. By the time the reporting system ceased in about 1910, 1300 nuggets over 20 ounces had been recorded. However, almost certainly many more nuggets were found than were recorded, as many discoverers avoided publicity for fear of being robbed. None of the large nuggets found during the goldrushes survived, as all were quickly melted down. Today, fossickers with metal detectors still find large nuggets – those that the original diggers missed – on the Victorian goldfields.

How did nuggets form?

While there are several theories for the origin of nuggets, the evidence points conclusively to them coming from the gold-bearing quartz reefs. Many big alluvial nuggets contain lumps of quartz, or show imprints of quartz crystals enclosed by the gold as it crystallised in cavities in the reefs. Why large masses should suddenly crystallise is not completely understood. However, it has something to do with conditions in the surrounding rocks changing the solubility of gold in the warm water that had dissolved it in huge amounts and carried it up from deep in the crust.

In some goldmines, large slugs of gold were found where quartz reefs cut particular layers in the surrounding sedimentary strata. These layers became known as ‘indicators’ and were actively sought out by the early miners. Over millions of years of erosion, the landscape was worn down, exposing the quartz reefs and the enclosed gold. Gradually, weathering caused the reefs to disintegrate, freeing the lumps of gold. These moved into the soil, then down slope into the nearest stream.

How pure is the gold in nuggets?

Victorian nuggets are rich in gold, with most being at least 95% gold, or about 23 carats. The remainder is mostly made up of silver dissolved in the gold. The composition of the nuggets is very similar to the composition of gold found directly in the quartz reefs.

Which are the biggest nuggets?

The Welcome Stranger, found near Moliagul in 1869, is the biggest known nugget, containing 2300 ounces of gold.

Welcome Stranger Nugget.  D.25.24
Source: Museum Victoria

The Welcome, from Bakery Hill at Ballarat in 1858, contained 2200 ounces. The 1743-ounce Blanche Barkly, found at Kingower in 1857, the 1600-ounce Precious, found near Rheola in 1871, and the 1110-ounce Viscount Canterbury, found in 1871, also at Rheola, were other big finds.

In the 20th century, the largest known nugget found with a metal detector was the Hand of Faith, containing 870 ounces, from Kingower in 1980.

Hand of Faith Nugget. D.25.19
Source: Museum Victoria

The Museum and gold nuggets

The Museum has only one nugget, the 50 ounce Bunyip, ploughed up near Bridgewater in the early 1970s. However, it has the historical collection of gold nugget models made by the Department of Mines, as well as models of recently discovered nuggets.

Further Reading

Terry F. Potter, 1999. The Welcome Stranger.

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chris 8 June, 2009 13:54
ummm... i need to buy sum gold fer 40 0000 dollars
jeff 30 June, 2009 12:04
what is the largest gold nugget in australia
Abby 8 August, 2013 16:33
The largest gold nugget found was the welcome stranger. Maybe.
goldminer 25 July, 2014 12:20
it is the holtermans nugget which weighed 243kg
Andy 25 May, 2015 17:16
You are right. It is the welcome stranger.
Sofia 12 June, 2015 16:37
it is the welcome stranger nugget which was found by John on 1869
Welcome 15 June, 2015 20:01
The welcome stranger
anastacia 13 October, 2015 13:13
got no idea who found gold
Paul 1 July, 2009 20:25
Its the Welcome Stranger. Its also the biggest nugget ever found in the world
Gisele 14 July, 2009 18:55
Hi, I just wanted to say thank-you for helping me with the information I needed. Please keep me updated with the latest news about gold.
Natalei 27 May, 2015 10:49
Ok then
656 23 September, 2009 17:03
thankyou for the relevant info
andy 5 December, 2009 11:48
They can still be found!
Bruce T Burns 9 January, 2010 11:28
There is a story that one of the largest nuggets was found by workmen doing maintenance on a tramline. Is this true and which nugget was it?
simondale 14 January, 2010 23:59
The Australian Gold Nugget-Kangaroo is currently the only legal tender, pure gold bullion coin to change its design each year. Australian Gold Nugget
Discovery Centre 15 January, 2010 11:30

Hi Bruce. Thanks for your enquiry. We have not been able to find any reference to one of the largest gold nuggets found by tram workmen in Melbourne, Ballarat or Bendigo. It is not mentioned in the list of the biggest nuggets above, nor in this website, which discusses some of the gold finds in Melbourne. You may also be able to contact Ballarat & Bendigo historical societies and museums to see if they know anything about the story.

Bunyip 26 January, 2010 14:53
if you find a nugget, does it belong to you or does the state take it away?
Discovery Centre 29 January, 2010 14:34

Hi there! We asked our geology expert, who says that it is a complex question and depends on the State you are in, and the status of the land in question. You can try the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria as a good starting point for research about the ownership of gold nuggets.

Smokinjoe 18 February, 2010 10:25
They're still finding some "keepers" at the pay to mine at Moore Creek, Alaska. I'll be trying it this year.
elder 7 March, 2010 08:29
Kayley Stam 8 March, 2010 18:10
This is a great sight I rate it a 9 and a 1/2 out of 10
mel0004 22 March, 2010 10:44
This site is gr8! I'm doing a gold project 4 skool and it helped me loads!
omega 26 April, 2010 15:48
i have some gold bits but how do i test it to see if its real
Discovery Centre 29 April, 2010 11:37

Hi Omega. It might be possible for one of our mineralogists to look at an image of the gold pieces and advise on whether they are real. If they can't tell from a photo, they can suggest some other avenues for you to try. Forward your images and request from our identifications page and we'll get back to you.

cool_dude_123_456_789 29 April, 2010 19:44
Damn it! I didn't find anything!
KATE MILLER 29 April, 2010 21:47
Discovery Centre 13 May, 2010 15:59

Katie, we don't have a photo of the Welcome Nugget on our website but you can see it the Powerhouse Museum's here

monica 4 May, 2010 19:16
how much does the hand of faith cost
Discovery Centre 5 May, 2010 14:37

Monica, the Museum does not offer valuations, and the Hand of Faith is not an item in our collection. You could contact a professional gold valuer for further advice.

Naomi 12 May, 2010 15:37
Can you please tell me what The Precious Nugget and Viscount Canterbury Nugget were worth when they were first found and also what they would be worth today. i am also looking for a picture of both of these
Discovery Centre 21 May, 2010 11:40

Hi Naomi. The Precious Nugget was valued at about 6868 sterling pounds. A model of the nugget and further information can be found at the Powerhouse Museum. Unfortunately we couldn't find the value of the Viscount Canterbury Nugget when it was discovered in 1870 but it weighed 1114 oz and you be able to find out the gold prices of that period in the newspapers of the day. Try searching them on Australia Trove on the National Library of Australia website. Gold prices vary daily, so to work out what they are worth today you could calculate it by looking at the gold prices in the daily paper, on the internet or on the nightly news.

Chuck Norris 21 May, 2010 13:05
I will get that nugget.
lara 31 May, 2010 20:59
thanks for the info it helped a lot Cheers!!!!!!!!
Tracey 31 May, 2010 21:01
What are the 10 biggest nuggets ever discovered and what size were they?
crazypop101 5 June, 2010 17:29
I need some help on my project, what are gold nuggets? like in a really big paragraph i need to know
LOL 8 June, 2010 17:59
how much is the hand of faith worth
Haley & Bailey 9 June, 2010 20:08
what are the names of australia's 10 largest gold nuggets?
Discovery Centre 11 June, 2010 12:58

Hi, the Museum does not offer valuations, and the Hand of Faith is not an item in our collection. You could contact a professional gold valuer for further advice.

rochelle 23 June, 2010 16:22
What are the 10 largest nuggets in Australia? and who found it,when,where and how many ounces is it. thanks. p.s need information as quick as possible !
Discovery Centre 23 June, 2010 16:44

Hi Haley, Bailey & Rochelle. We don't have the biggest nuggest in Australia but we do have a list of those in Victoria. 1. The Welcome Stranger, 2284oz, finder: John Deason & Richard Oates, 1859, Moliagul; 2. The Welcome, 2217oz, Red Hill Mining Co, 1858, Bakery Hill Ballarat; 3. The Blanche Barkly, 1743oz, unknown, 1857, Kingower; 4. The Precious, 1717oz, Ah Chang & party, 1871, Catto's Paddock, Berlin; 5. The Canadian, 1619oz, unknown, 1853, Canadian Gully Ballarat; 6. The Lady Hotham, 1177oz, unknown, 1854, Dalton's Flat Ballarat; 7. The Sarah Sands, 1177oz, unknown, 1853, Canadian Gully Ballarat; 8. Viscount Canterbury, 1114oz, Schlossman & Davis, 1870, John's Paddock Kangederaar; 9. Unnamed nugget, 1034oz, unknown, 1855, Blackman's Lead Maryborough; 10.  Unnamed nugget, 1011oz, unknown, 1853, Canadian Gully Ballarat.

Discovery Centre 4 July, 2010 16:14

Hi Haley and Bailey, we have found a reference in the Mineralogical record that suggests Australia's biggest 10 nuggets by net weight are 1. Welcome Stranger, Victoria, 2,520 ounces, 2. Welcome, Vic, 2,217. 3. Blanche Barkly, Vic, 1,743. 4. Precious, Vic, 1,717. 5. Canadian, Vic, 1,319. 6. Burrandong, NSW, 1,286. 7. Lady Hotham, Vic, 1,177. 8. The Golden Eagle, WA, 1,135. 9. Sarah Sands, Vic, 1,117. 10. Viscount Canterbury, Vic, 1,114.  

Olivia 31 July, 2010 15:35
I am doing a school project and need to no where the Precious gold nugget was found.Where is cattos paddock Berlin?
Steph 3 August, 2010 10:01
Thanks for this it really helped for my gold project at school. My question is there any gold finds before 1851
Discovery Centre 3 August, 2010 15:36

Hi Olivia, the Berlin goldfield is now known as Rheola, and is in the Greater Bendigo Region of Victoria.

Misael 4 August, 2010 02:43
Hi, could you tell me which museum in the world has the largest nugget on display? Thanks, Misael
Olivia 5 August, 2010 19:39
hi its me Olivia again thanks heaps! It helped me SO much with my gold project thank.
Discovery Centre 7 August, 2010 15:23

Thanks for your question Misael. The largest gold nugget on display is the Hand of Faith, found at Kingower in Victoria, in 1980. It was purchased privately by the Golden nugget Casino in Las Vegas, and is on display there.
Melbourne Museum also has life-sized replicas of nuggets on display, and a genuine nugget, the Bunyip Nugget, in its collection. 

Amy 8 August, 2010 11:25
What has happened to the Welcome Stranger today (Where is it)?
olivia 9 August, 2010 16:03
hi can you please help me find a picture of the blanche barkly and the canadian gold nuggets
Discovery Centre 11 August, 2010 11:05

Hi Amy, the Welcome Stranger no longer exists. It was sold after it was found and melted down. A replica is housed in the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne.

Nikor 11 August, 2010 14:13
Of the 20 biggest gold nuggest ever found on the earth, 17 were found in a little triangle in the middle of Victoria, Australia.
Discovery Centre 12 August, 2010 11:31

Olivia, we do not have an image of the Blanche Barkly nugget in our own collection. Nor do we have a replica of the nugget. There may have been an image of this nugget in London newspapers when it was returned to the UK. You may also wish to search for image of the nugget using the Picture Australia website.

keesh 12 August, 2010 18:57
omg my friend allanah shes in my class and her grandpa found the hand of faith her grandpa came in our class so if you dont believe me thats fine cause im only 12. ok.
Misael 14 August, 2010 03:23
Hi, this is Misael, again. Thanks for the answer posted above concerning to the largest gold nugget on display in the world. But the reason why I wrote you, was just because here, in Brasília(capital of Brazil), there is a museum, called Museum of Money, which belongs to Central Bank of Brazil (this bank is our Federal Reserve), and this museum has many gold nuggets displayed, including the 'Canaã nugget' , weighing 60.800kg (about 1.954 ounces), found in Serra Pelada goldfield (State of Pará, north of Brazil - Amazon region), in 1983. Also there are many others gold nuggets containing more than 1.000 ounces. You can see some of them at the following link: , but the pictures aren't in high resolution. So, considering the answer that you wrote, I think that you didn't know about the gold nuggets displayed at Museum of Money. This is just a information for you and those that appreciate reading about gold nuggets. Thanks again, Misael
Rita Bentley 14 August, 2010 13:20
The Prospectors and Miners Association recently erected a monument at the site of the Hand of Faith discovery at Kingower. Kevin Hillier was the finder and he sold it to the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas for $1,000,000 US. That was 30 years ago.
lisa 14 August, 2010 14:19
hi, i used to collect crystals etc and have a gold looking item and would like to find out if it is real gold or not. but i dont know where to go to find out, can you help? im in adelaide.
Discovery Centre 16 August, 2010 11:53

Hi Lisa, perhaps contact the South Australian Museum, they may offer an identification service, or be able to suggest somewhere closer to home for you to take your specimens.

ethan 19 August, 2010 17:01
good use of info on the web
andy tang 30 August, 2010 16:39
wow the gold is awsome if yyou find one
Jamilla 3 September, 2010 09:46
Hi. My dad's distant relative found the Welcome Stranger. I was hoping to know what museum it was in, as I would quite like to talk to museum curators about it. I need some information for a school project. Could you possibly help?
Discovery Centre 5 September, 2010 12:21
Hi Jamilla, someone asked a similar question above, the Welcome Stranger no longer exists. It was sold after it was found and melted down.
Alf 9 September, 2010 22:42
Hi, Which areas of Victoria do you think are the best for finding gold with a metal detector
Discovery Centre 12 September, 2010 16:35

Hi Alf,

The best source for this kind of information would be the Department of Primary Industries.

Best of luck!

Jacob Timewell 29 October, 2010 12:42
the hand of faith nnugget is radd
Jacob Timewell 29 October, 2010 12:55
how awesome is gold i'm looking for some gold for 50 000 dollars
jessie 4 November, 2010 17:06
do you no where i can get the blanche barkly nugget in a picture
Discovery Centre 6 November, 2010 12:05
Hi there Jessie, please see our reply to Olivia on 12 August for ideas on where you might find an image of this nugget.
Kylie 8 November, 2010 18:44
Why do gold particles lie on the bottom of rivers?
Discovery Centre 16 November, 2010 16:17

Hi Kylie, gold was formed millions of years ago and as a molten metal was forced into seams in various rock formations. As those millions of years passed, the action of water and temperature changes destroyed the rocks and the gold was washed out into rivers and creeks. Why is gold found on the bottom of rivers? Gold is a very heavy metal - it is nearly twice as dense as lead - so it quickly falls to the bottom of the stream. Hope this helps.

Discovery Centre 21 November, 2010 16:35

Hi Kylie, it appears that gold is usually found in quartz rocks. Due to erosion, the rocks are broken down and the gold particles are then released into the environment and run-off carries these particles to rivers. Because gold is a heavy metal, it sinks to the bottom of the river bed, see here.

San 29 January, 2011 15:53
hi, is it possible gold nuggets can be found in all rivers and creeks in Papua New Guinea?
Discovery Centre 2 February, 2011 13:57

Hi San

Some nuggets have been found in some rivers and creeks in PNG, but obviously these aren't very common because gold itself is quite rare. Significant finds have been made near Mt Kare in PNG, for example.

Marilyn 9 March, 2011 20:55
My family has always told the following story about the Welcome Stranger. Great Gran Williams lived next door to a family who mined gold. The lady went to the store to buy provisions for the family and was told there would be no further credit til the account was paid. The very next day her husband and his friend discovered the Welcome Stranger. What a blessing for that family!
Leon 24 March, 2011 22:12
Hi! What I don't understand is why no credit is given to the man who found "The Pride of Australia". Brian Shelton was a frind of mine when he found The Pride..., we were at his house in Victoria where we were given the opportunity to hold "The Pride..." I still have an orignal photo of us holding it. Brian was dealing in Opals and in large gold nuggets at the time and would visit us here in Switzerland on many occations. I believe he is no longer amoung us! ;°( I do hope that credit is given to Brian for finding this incredible nugget even if he is "somewhere else"!
Lilian 13 November, 2014 05:45
Hy Leon we live in Switzerland to an we where frins of Brian to. My Information is also that Brian passed away it is so sad that his colection ( wich you also know was enormes ) is sold bits by bits and he so much wished tha everithing is kept together.
Tim Shelton 18 February, 2015 18:44
Hi, there. It is true that Brian Passed away a few years back. He was my great uncle. I also have a photo of me holding the nugget taken when I was a boy. I notice a large section of his impressive display is on display at museum victoria. He was an avid collector and I have some of his vintage matchbox cars. Fascinating man. Tim
Bianca 26 March, 2011 21:35
I was told at school that allivial gold is the gold dust and quartz gold is the nugget. Is this true or untrue? Or both?
Leon 4 April, 2011 19:02
All those of you who may not be aware that a fantastic magazine Gold Gem and Treasure is available in all good news agencies in Australia. I live in Switzerland so I get it sent over but it's the best on the market and you'll learn a lot when you need knowledge concerning Gold, Gems and Metal Detecting which by-the-way is a great positive hobby where you can also earn some money and meet fabulous people in the doing! Go for it Bianca and have fun! Leon
warren 8 June, 2011 19:28
why is it that most of the gold nuggets found in Victoria's golden triangle that you hear about are discovered close to the surface compared to the ones found at hill end nsw or around that area.thanks
courtney 13 June, 2011 17:56
what is the second biggest nugget ever found
Mary 17 June, 2011 03:37
Is Gold ever found in large nugget form on bluish grey and white rocks found in a streambed?
Mary 17 June, 2011 03:47
I have found a six pound rock that is shaped kind of like a big nugget.... The rock is greyish blue with ton's of what appears to be gold ~ I did a scratch test and the gold color material is gold colored on the rough side of the tile.... Found the rock in a streambed ~ Could it be Gold? Who would I take the rock to ~ to find out for sure just what kind of rock it is? Any and all information is appreciated by me ~ Thank's!!
Discovery Centre 19 June, 2011 15:37

Hi!  Thanks for the question, without an image an accurate identification is impossible, the object sounds like a nugget of pure 'blue'!

kerry 1 July, 2011 22:53
hi l are going to live in wendouree ballarat in a month ,would like to meet a person who would be interested in panning the creeks and streams for Nuggets ? someone maybe familar with area and the know how ,can share costs.kerry .
galaxy12 11 July, 2011 13:58
What is the 10 largest nuggets discovered in the world?
MsAttitude 18 July, 2011 17:10
Hi! this is my question... Who found the largest gold nugget in Australia?? i researched and i saw your website and Under it said a man name Paul.... i needed more info so i clicked on your website and it did not show so i ask here...
Meg 26 July, 2011 19:43
Hi, i need help with a science question and was wondering where is the Welcome Stranger nugget now? How much would it be worth in todays currancy? Any help would be great!
grace 26 July, 2011 20:48
who is the first man to find a golden nugget
Discovery Centre 27 July, 2011 12:18
Hi Meg, if you read the above infosheet as well as the question and answers in the comments this should give you the necessary information.
Discovery Centre 27 July, 2011 12:38
Hi Grace, we don't really know who the first person ever to find a gold nugget was but the first gold find in Australia was by Edward Hargraves in 1851 near Bathurst NSW. This find set off the Australian Gold Rush.
nettela 4 August, 2011 20:40
at our school we are learning about it i need to know when and where was the first gold nugget found
Discovery Centre 6 August, 2011 14:20
Hi, the answer to your questions can be found above!
nell 11 August, 2011 12:06
you need more photos
matt 23 August, 2011 18:39
thank you
dazza 24 August, 2011 21:39
Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the largest gold nugget/specimen collection,in australia or world wide.If so how many do they have in there collection
ace12345678910 28 August, 2011 19:43
how much is welcome and welcome stranger nugget worth in Australian dollars?
jack 31 August, 2011 20:11
what is the difference in weight between the welcome stranger and the golden eagle? convert the answer from ounces to grams.
dazza 2 September, 2011 13:03
the welcome stranger nugget weighs 2316 troy ounces & at todays gold price it would be worth $3.944,148
ace12345678910 3 September, 2011 14:47
Thanks dazza but how much is welcome nugget worth and plezzzzzzzzz answer today!!!!!!!!!!!!
Discovery Centre 5 September, 2011 09:46
Jack - The Welcome Stranger nugget was weighed at 72kg (2316 ounces), whereas the Golden Eagle was weighted at 35kg (1135 ounces): a difference of 37kg. See the following for more info:
aj 6 September, 2011 20:19
this was very helpful and usefull information due to the reason my multiple intelence task require me to write how gold is formed by nature and to name the 5 largest gold nuggets ever found.
Bro 8 September, 2011 12:25
Who started the Calafornia Gold Rush and when?
Victoria Soo 9 September, 2011 20:17
Hello musuem of victoria. i am doing a school project and i was wondering whether you could email me a map of all the gold mines in australia. thanks for all your help!
Discovery Centre 10 September, 2011 16:06

Good question, Bro - we've done some research on this and we think a useful educational site with links to other sources is: . An interesting first-hand account of a gold-seekerfrom the California Gold Rush , with information about the discovery,  can be read at: Many of the diggers came to Victoria in 1851 when gold was discovered here, and made a contribution to Victoria’s history.

Hope this information is of interest

lorena 11 September, 2011 18:44
so helpful for my gold project due tomorrow thank you so much yep it's Lorena
Jo 3 October, 2011 13:55
hey just wanted to ask whether there were any other places in Australia, other than Victoria, where gold was discovered?
Unown 5 November, 2011 14:25
Is there any more info? I need to get some more for my project.
Discovery Centre 5 November, 2011 15:09

You can find lots more information on gold by visiting Dynamic Eartha stunning exhibition at Melbourne Museum that uses cutting-edge technology and thousands of minerals to tell the story of our ever-changing planet.

Whilst visiting the Museum stop in at the Discovery Centre and have a look at some of fantastic books on gold and mineralogy.

maddi 27 February, 2012 17:42
where was the first golden nugget in australia found and who found it
Discovery Centre 2 March, 2012 14:02

Hi Maddi, Gold was first discovered near Bathurst, NSW in 1823 by O'Brien, the NSW Government surveyor. The first gold nugget (16 ounces) appears to have been found in January 1849 by Thomas Chapman at Daisy Hill, near Maryborough, Victoria. But, in June 1851, James Esmond was the first to claim a registered finding of a 51 ounce nugget in Clunes, Victoria.

tub tub 6 March, 2012 13:33
when was gold first found in australia and who found it
DOW0008 19 March, 2012 09:41
this site helped me loads on a school gold project
Michelle 21 March, 2012 23:05
Hi there - I have just discovered that it was an ancestor of mine who found the Canadian Nugget @ Ballarat. It was also know as the Leg Of Mutton nugget. The team of four found more smaller nuggets as well - took it back to England and after it was displyed, sold it. William Poulter was one of the men who found it but his name has been wrongly listed on the internet as William Poltern Green. The Green would have been from Greensborough Vic. After he returned from England he bought half of Greensborough. No money left now!! Damn!!
Michelle 2 April, 2012 16:49
Regarding the above information regarding the "Leg Of Mutton" nugget - I have "relative" who is convinced the above information is true - but after A LOT of hours spent on research I am convinced that he has been mis-informed. Please disregard the above information - it is false!
Kim B 27 May, 2012 14:22
What was the 5 largest gold nuggets that were fou d in Victoria's names, and where in Moliagul was the largest gold nugget found?
Discovery Centre 28 May, 2012 14:28

Hi Kim,
The largest nuggets found are listed in the article above, under the 'Which are the biggest nuggets?' heading. The largest nugget in Moliagul was found at Black Lead, at a depth of 1 inch.

Shenani 12 June, 2012 21:02
I need to know whether the HAnd of Faith nugget is larger or the Stranger nugget is larger. AlsoI need to know the 4th and 5th largest gold nuggets found in Australia
Discovery Centre 17 June, 2012 12:49

Hello Shenani,

The welcome Stanger weighed 2316 troy ounces and the Hand of Faith weighed 845 troy ounces,  Please note you can find a list of the largest nuggets in earlier posts on this page by the Discovery Centre. You might also find the follow site interesting
george 25 June, 2012 15:47
hi, I wanted to know today's value of the:welcome nugget, the lady hotham, the canadian, the sarah sands and the unnamed nugget. thank you so much, George
Discovery Centre 25 June, 2012 16:19
Hi Dylan, if you look at our answer to Naomi on 21 May 2010, it suggests a way to work out the historical and current gold prices. The weights of these nuggets are listed in another answer on 23 June 2010 and from these two posts you should be able to work out the answer to your question.
Beverly 28 June, 2012 15:55
Of the nuggets catalogued, does a list of the finder's/owner's names exist? If so can the list be accessed, please? Thankyou
simon 3 July, 2012 06:13
Hi, Im looking into going to try find my own 'gold' out in the country side of victoria. And was wondering where would a good place be to start looking? would it be easier to find along a stream or actually on inland with a detector? Cheers, Simon.
Discovery Centre 4 July, 2012 11:48
Hello Simon - Museum Victoria doesn't have this sort of information, so you may need to search the web for other resources. One website that may help is Gold Net Australia, however please note this website is external to the museum.
abc annie 18 July, 2012 17:46
i'm doing a project and just wondering what other types of golds nuggets are there
Cheyne 23 October, 2012 19:30
Hi, I have a assignment, i was wondering, does anyone know where the largest gold nugget 'hello stranger' < that was the name- found in? and how much did it weigh? :) thankyou
Russell 12 November, 2012 17:49
Largest Nugget was the Welcome Stranger, found in Moliagul Victoria when a horse and cart ran over it, it was so large the two lucky men cut it in half with an axe so they could lift it into the cart. Size was around 65 Kilo's - 150 pound, or 2300 ounces approx, it doesn't exist because it was melted down. value today would be $12million or more re 3 times the price because it was a nugget of the highest quality re the Golden Triangle.
Angel 29 November, 2012 17:24
wasnt there another nugget than the welcome stranger, the hand of faith and the holtermann's nugget?
Eden 26 April, 2013 18:23
I am trying to find the measurements for "The Precious". I have a picture from the Powerhouse Museum and other information, but I need the dimensions for my school project
Discovery Centre 30 April, 2013 12:51

Hello Eden - we checked with our Geology Department on this, and they've provided the following info:

The Precious is 40.5 x 29 x 11.5 cm

Hope this helps!

Jacinta 7 August, 2013 10:43
good one
Kaya 13 October, 2013 23:59
Doing a school project. What is the overall weight for all the gold found in the Victorian Goldrush?
stepho 29 January, 2014 22:08
My great great great uncle is actually one of the founders of the biggest nugget, Richard Ormsby Kerr
Akhil 17 February, 2014 17:49
how much is the welcome stranger worth
Scott 26 February, 2014 21:23
The Sarah Sands Nugget was found by my Grandmother's Uncle in Ballarat. I'm unsure of his surname, but he took his new found wealth back to the UK where he was originally from. He went back to Oldham ( near Manchester) Streets are named after him i have heard.
cheryl 17 March, 2014 21:20
Hi, I believe it was Thomas Evans and two other men found it he is related to me somewhere down the track and I have heard the same story from my grandmother.I have some geneology here I would have to find it but I would be interested to know more. thanks Cheryl Williams (Ervin)
ali 19 May, 2014 12:33
what town was the welcome stranger nugget found in?
discoverycentre 19 May, 2014 12:57
It was discovered at the Red Hill Mining Company site at Bakery Hill (near the present intersection of Mair and Humffray Street) in Ballarat, Victoria, on June 9, 1858.
lily010203040506070809 7 August, 2014 10:43
it was found in Moliagul
Grahame 8 July, 2014 23:30
My GGG uncle actually recorded the finding of The Welcome Stranger, in his letters written home to Cumberland, UK, copies of which we still have in our family records
ko jo 7 August, 2014 10:41
i dont love it but i like it
matthew moodie 21 October, 2014 06:52
Hi I'm going prospecting soon up to bendigo does anyone know where there's good places to go and find nuggets big or small.
James 23 March, 2015 10:23
I'm pretty sure this is the first comment for 2015
sina 15 May, 2015 20:17
who was the first to find the gold nuggets?
Emily 25 August, 2015 16:55
Hi there, this website helped me a lot for homework, but I can't seem to find out how much the Welcome Nugget would be worth today, so I was wondering you could help? Thanks!
Discovery Centre 26 August, 2015 12:45

Hi Emily,

We are delighted to hear that you have found this information helpful. If you look at the above comments you will find out that the Welcome nugget weighs 2,217 ounces. You should be able to calculate its value when you find out the current market price of gold per ounce. Good luck with your homework!

Joe 12 October, 2015 14:20
Halo 11 April, 2016 16:28
Where was the first gold nugget found and when
John Pullen 16 May, 2016 10:57
When people attempt to answer the question about "the biggest", "the last" and such, all answers must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. This means, for those many people who are not up on some sayings from different countries, you can not always believe what people say. Many things of value are not always spoken of in exactly the most honest ways. Not everyone wants the tax man, the bill collector, the exwife, the expartner, the robber or the burglar out there to know of their lucky find. I personally know of several valuable finds that have been unreported, under reported or mis-reported. Think about It; right now today, in your present financial situation, would you want EVERYONE in the world to know you just came into $1,000,000.00. Some people, say a big lottery winner, will wait, move slow, maybe figure out who all in their ring of friends and family they want to give to, write out a "prior dated" agreement, such as say, five family members they want each to get 10% of the winnings, so they do an agreement to that effect so when they show up for the winnings, each gets and pays taxes on their 10%, he gets his 50% and pays taxes on ONLY the 50%, and all are happy. He wins because otherwise he would have paid about 50% tax on the whole thing and then the others would have to again pay their 50% on what they get again. All told, tax man loses about $250,000.00. Would everyone feel that on one find, the tax man should get paid taxes twice, just because you wanted to share the winnings or "FIND" with family and/or friends. Think about that!
Joy M 6 July, 2016 08:21
My great great grandfather, Sven Nilsson, was a gold miner during the gold rush, and records (and family lore) say he could afford to take three trips back to Sweden on his gold field earnings. Where would I find information about his gold discoveries. He lived in Tarnagulla/Dunolly area. Thanks for any help!
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