Indonesian Migration to Australia

An Immigration Discovery Centre Reference Sheet

The Immigration Discovery Centre has a variety of resources relating to Indonesian migration to Australia. On 15 March 2009, the Immigration Museum celebrated Victoria’s Indonesian community with ‘Indonesian Festa’, a cultural festival featuring traditional music, dance, food and sharing. 

Mahidra Bali Group, passing Flinders Street Station, in the 2003 Moomba parade. The group was replicating a traditional Balinese wedding parade.

Mahidra Bali Group, passing Flinders Street Station, in the 2003 Moomba parade. The group was replicating a traditional Balinese wedding parade.
Photographer / Source: Poedijono

To assist people with their research into their family history and Indonesian-Australian history and culture, the Immigration Discovery Centre staff prepared the following list of print and electronic resources.

Immigration Discovery Centre reference collections

Resources relating to the Indonesian community in Australia can be found in the Immigration Discovery Centre library. The library houses a diverse reference collection with a focus on migration, cultural diversity and Australian ethno-history.

Indonesian Resource Folder (available in the Immigration Discovery Centre).

Jan Lingard. Refugees and Rebels: Indonesian Exiles in Wartime Australia. Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2008. Catalogue number: 305.9069140994 L755R

James Jupp. The Australian People. “Indonesians,” pp. 439–41. Cambridge, 2001. Catalogue number: 994 A938PE

James E. Coughlan. “The ASEAN Communities in Australia,” in Asians in Australia: Patterns of Migration and Settlement, pp. 198–242. Ed. James E. Coughland & Deborah J. McNamara. Macmillan, 1997. Catalogue number: 305.895094 A832

Janet Penny and Siew-Ean Khoo. Intermarriage: A Study of Migration and Integration. Chapter 8: “Indonesian-Australian Families,” pp. 145–69. AGPS, 1996. Catalogue number: 306.8450994 P416

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Internet Resources

Vicnet’s Indonesian Community Directory. Vicnet provides internet services to Victorian not-for-profit organisations.

SBS Radio’s Indonesian page contains information about the Indonesian community and links to radio programs in the Bahasa-Indonesian language.

The website of the Australian Indonesian Association of Victoria gives information about the association’s activities including language classes and film nights.

Perwira is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide liaison between Victorians and Indonesians.

The Indonesian Students Association provides an online resource featuring information of special interest to people studying in Australia.

Melbourne’s Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia has a great website about Victoria’s Indonesian community that is regularly updated with new information.