McCoy’s Skink Nannoscincus maccoyi

Lizards of Victoria series


McCoy’s Skink, Nannoscincus maccoyi, is dark brown, usually with some spotted vertebral stripes. It has pale lower lips, scales with dark edging, five fingers and toes and a snout vent of up to 50 mm.

Photo of McCoy’s Skink, Nannoscincus maccoyi

McCoy’s Skink
Photographer: Peter Robertson / Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

McCoy’s Skink has a wide distribution in, and to the south of, the Great Dividing Range, with outlying populations in the Otway and Grampian ranges, and in the Kentbruck Heath of the far south west of Victoria. It is usually found under fallen logs.


Females of this species are communal egg layers, each female laying 2-4 eggs in a clutch. Diet consists of small invertebrates.

Further Reading

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David Moon 9 March, 2015 16:02
Recently found across the border in the lower SE of SA.
chris cobern 22 November, 2015 11:35
G'day Dave. We also recorded one on a property in Toolangi during a landcare fauna survey weekend there.
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