Yellow-bellied Water Skink Eulamprus heatwolei

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The Yellow-bellied Water Skink, Eulamprus heatwolei, has an olive-brown base colour on the back with darker flecks. The flanks are dark with lighter spots. There is a pale stripe commencing behind the mouth and going upwards immediately in front of the ear opening. It usually has pronounced markings under the chin and a snout vent length pf up to 90 mm.

The Yellow-bellied Water Skink, Eulamprus heatwolei

Yellow-bellied Water Skink
Photographer: Peter Robertson / Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

The Yellow-bellied Water Skink is distributed on the inland slopes of the Great Dividing Range in the north eastern areas, and through East Gippsland, where it is found at lower altitudes and in the warmer river valleys. It is usually found in association with moist habitats.


It is a ground dwelling species which feeds on a variety of invertebrates and small vertebrates. Females give birth to up to 8 young in a litter.

Further Reading

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what do yellow bellied water skinks eat
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