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A selection of objects from the Museum Victoria numismatic collection is currently on display in the following Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre object drawers:

74  Melbourne International Exhibition Medals  1880 – 1881
75  Melbourne Centennial Exhibition Medals  1888 – 1889
76  Hans Irvine Wine Medals  1873 – 1904
77  Sir Frederick McCoy medals  1862 – 1891

Further Reading

Carlisle, Leslie J., (2008), Australian Historical Medals 1788 – 1988, Sydney: Leslie J. Carlisle.
Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre
Call no. 737.2220994 C283 (2008)

Please note: Museum Victoria DOES NOT provide valuations and cannot tell you how much your object is worth. Please read our valuations infosheet for further advice. We will not publish or respond to comments asking us to value an object.

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Florenc Bartolus 18 May, 2011 10:37
1917 bronz penny with Head of St george -no cross sword..what is this??
Brittany 28 June, 2012 14:26
I was wondering if there were tours taking place at the Royal Mint??
Discovery Centre 29 June, 2012 11:16

Hello Brittany,


The Royal Mint is now home to the Hellenic Museum, you can contact them via their website to see if they offer tours.

TONI MUNDAY 7 February, 2013 16:33
the Crib Point towns people 1919 present a gold fob to their return soldiers - I am hoping to find one - but I am thinking the Mint would have producted these for towns after the war - is there a record of designs per township
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