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beata burian 22 April, 2009 11:03
i need pictures of the shps nelly or nellie and the flamminia. ,how do i get them?
Discovery Centre 22 April, 2009 16:33
You can search for images of ships at the genealogist web site, Coraweb or the online image database Picture Australia. You can also visit The Immigration Discovery Centre to view the shipping resources.
Sandra Monteleone 4 June, 2009 21:52
I would like information regarding ships that arrived in Australia in September 1949 - my mother arrived here 60 years ago this year and we want to celebrate her arrival, unfortunately we don't know the name of the ship or the exact date. My mother boarded the ship in Naples Italy (not sure of the date) but do know ship arrived in Melbourne, September 1949. Could you please assist with my inquiry. Many thanks
Angelina Corn ( Nee Gvozdanovic ) 13 May, 2014 09:48
I also arrived in Melbourne with my Abrother, sister and parents on the Motor Vessel " NELLY" in 1949 September Which sailed from Naples Italy. Once landed we were sent to Bonegilla Camp then ended up at SOMERS Camp which still stands today on the Mornington Peninsula Would love to hear from anyo ne thay can help
Georgia Leckie 26 May, 2014 21:33
Hi there, my grandparents, Elisabeth & George Djurkovic (with their daughter Angela) arrived from Naples on SS Nelly in 1949. They went first to Fremantle, then disembarked in Port Melbourne. Sometime ago, I found the original passenger index list, but I cannot seem to find it now on the National Archives of Australia website.
Marika Potter 17 August, 2014 22:57
Hi Sandra, My parents arrived in Australia on 14th September 1949 on ss Dundalk Bay. I'm pretty sure your parents would have been on the same ship. Somewhere i have a passenger list.If you give me their surname I could look it up for you.
Discovery Centre 14 June, 2009 14:46

Hi Sandra,

You can search for your mother's name on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website - the NAA holds post-1923 passenger lists to Victoria.

You can also contact the NAA directly for further assistance in searching for your mother's records.

Keith Doyle 19 June, 2009 08:04
I have a medal from the 1880 Melbourne International Echibition which was given to my great grandfather for services. Where can I find information about this medal why he received it. Thank you.
Mary 20 June, 2009 12:05
I am trying to find the passenger list/ship that my grandparents came to Australia on. Name:Richard Whatmore B:1836 England Died 1917 Victoria. On his death certificate it states he lived in Victoria for 63 years and 1 year in Tasmania. His parents came to Australia prior to him and died in Tasmania. My G/Grandfather Alexander Hall B 1852 England Died 1925 South Melbourne. On his death certificate it states he lived in Victoria for 40 years. He came with his wife Elizabeth Ann and child Frederick. I have tried everything that i can think of finding their ship. Could you please help me. Thankyou Mary
Discovery Centre 27 June, 2009 13:39

Hello, Keith. Is your medal something like this one? If so, it may have been awarded for any number of reasons, from "services to the exhibition" to acting as a jury member of some type. In any case, it's a lovely item. Further information about the exhibition itself can be found here.

John Minahan 17 July, 2009 16:03
I am searching for the name of the ship that my ancestor John Minahan arrived in Australia sometime between 1858 and 1859. I have searched the Vic shipping records to no avail. Is it possible that he got off in Sth Aust and travelled to Vic afterwards?
Discovery Centre 20 July, 2009 11:10

Hi John. Before 1923 each Australian state had its own office for keeping government records, including immigration records. There's a great list of these various archival bodies available online. Try South Australia?

Discovery Centre 10 September, 2009 16:01

Mary - thanks for your enquiry and sorry about the delay. All records of shipping arrivals to Victoria before 1923 are held by the Public Records Office of Victoria. You can search their shipping arrival records using the indexes available at this part of their website. Hope this helps!

eric kondratow 16 September, 2009 15:42
i am researching my mother, she cam to australia on ship dundalk bay arrival fremantle 25/01/1950 arrival melbourne 31/01/1950 name maria ann dimitricko or similar need passenger list to work out my muns proper name
MASON 4 October, 2009 21:14
Two uncles BilL John arrived in thelate 1920s or early 1930s from Lancashire moved to Adelaide
george christakis 8 October, 2009 20:56
i am looking for information of my father thomas christakis who arrived in australia around 1954 to 1956. He came to melbourne for a while and then went to north queensland to work in the sugar canes. He then came back to melbourne and settled down. he was born in 1926 can you please give me dates on exactly the day he arrived and other information you have.
Boston-Joel Bobbert 17 January, 2017 02:11
Very similar story to our family! My Great Grandparents came over from Greece on the ship Fairsea which departed Cuxhaven, Germany and arrived in Port Melbourne on the 31st of Aug 1954, they then went from there to Home Hill in North Queensland. I Found the document through ancestry.com.au led me to the exact papers
Discovery Centre 9 October, 2009 12:28

George and Mary: the information that you require is available from the National Archives of Australia. Their records can be searched at this part of their website. Hope this helps!

James Ada 30 October, 2009 01:20
I would like my ancestory information. My granddad came on the Patris. It was the Patris that arrived on November 1970. Is there anyway i can find the details of their docking and immigration. His name is Halil Ada and my fathernwho came with him is Fethi Ada. Would be greatly appreciated I want to know everything. Dads still alive but getting old and is starting to loose memory. He talks about the Patris with high regards though and thats one thing he can not forget so I thought I would surprise him thanking you. Please respond to email with any information
JUDY MENSFORTH 1 February, 2010 22:20
Looking for a photo of Ship - LADY MILTON arrived in Melbourne 16/7/1857
Geoff Ellott 6 January, 2015 03:43
Have a copy of a lovely photo of the Lady Milton dated 1856
Discovery Centre 2 February, 2010 14:34

Hi Judy and thanks for your query. You can search for images of ships on the online image database Picture Australia. You can also visit The Immigration Discovery Centre to view the shipping resources.

I came to Australia in 1968 with my parents on a ship that is now decomishened I think it was called the himmilla I would like to see if our name was on the passenger list?
Discovery Centre 29 March, 2010 16:25

Hi there, Mariann. See the section above about the National Archives of Australia for information about passenger lists to Australia in the 1960s. You will need to contact that organisation for access to these lists. Hope this helps!

Luke 2 June, 2010 17:16
I have four questions relating to my Great Grandfathers voyage to Australia. 1.) Why are all the ships passenger lists from the 1800’s recorded on identical templates? This seems strange given changes that would have been likely to occur in basic stationary paper ect. 2.) Were the lists created as the passengers boarded the ships, or when they arrived at port? (like Melbourne for example) 3.) How can you tell if a passenger boarded the ship from another port along the way? 4.) My Great Grand father apparently came to Australia via Sth Africa in around 1870 I'm imagining that he may have boarded a ship that docked in Cape Town on its way to Melbourne? Is it likely that ships bound for Melbourne would take on passengers on from Sth Africa?
Kaye 2 June, 2010 23:11
Hi. Are there online passenger lists for ships arriving in Victoria in 1851? The Pulic Records Office lists start at 1852.
Discovery Centre 3 June, 2010 16:42

Hi Kaye. PROV does hold some passenger lists prior to 1852. For this see their Index of Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871. For all other records prior to 1852 you'll need to search the State Records NSW online immigration and shipping indexes. As the state of Victoria didn't exist before 1852, records prior to this date were recorded by the colony of NSW and are still kept there.

Prue 4 June, 2010 14:58
My uncle Edwin V Hunt, aged 14,came to Aus via Sth Africa leaving London 7 Feb 1929 on the ship Beltana, but I can't find any reference to where the ship docked in Aus and his name on any passenger list. Have searched NAA and WA arrivals sites. He seems to have completely disappeared, not on any immigration lists. So where do I go fromo here?
Discovery Centre 4 June, 2010 16:17

Passenger lists are recorded on identical templates as the authorities were required to register people when they entered the country, as they are today. These were official forms that were then entered into the archives. Passenger lists in the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) are official state documents that were filled out on arrival. The ships themselves may have had separate passenger lists of their own. In the UK the National Archives holds Outgoing Passenger Lists.

If the ship left from the UK and the person’s name is not on there, it is likely they boarded along the way. The passengers were probably recorded when they came on board. These would be in the shipping company archives if they still exist. There is a set of books in the Discovery Centre at Immigration Museum called Log of Logs that list ships and any archival material that exists on them. Ships to Australia did go via South Africa and you may wish to try the South African archives to see what information they hold about outgoing passengers but usually the port of embarkation is indicated on the incoming passenger lists at PROV in any case and you should begin by searching them.

Discovery Centre 4 June, 2010 17:04

Hi Prue. Only 10% of the National Archives records are online. Your Uncle's records will be held there but you will need to contact them directly to request them.

Cathy 22 June, 2010 22:06
I'm wondering how I go about determining if my dad and uncle are perhaps among the earliest immigrants to Australia still living. They arrived in 1932 at the ages of 8 and 9 - and are now 86 and 87. I know there are older immigrants still alive, but many of them arrived as adults.
Rob 21 April, 2014 19:32
My mum was 3 when she arrived in 1925. She is alive and well :)
Discovery Centre 23 June, 2010 12:17

Cathy, there are so many living immigrants in Australia that determining this for certain would be a near-impossible research task. Still, it's great to learn that your father and his brother are still alive after having migrated at such a young age, so long ago. Thanks for sharing this. 

Catherine Marks 27 June, 2010 09:57
I will have ancestors who came to Victoria Australia on the vessel Ocean Cheif. On the passenger records from PROV it says they left a British Port. Is it possible to find out which port this was?
Discovery Centre 28 June, 2010 14:39

Hi Catherine, the full passenger lists, including information about which port the ship left from, can be found on microfiche at PROV in the Victorian Archives Centre in North Melbourne or the State Library of Victoria's Genealogy Centre.

thomas edward smith 1 August, 2010 15:12
great grandfather- contractor
amanda 1 September, 2010 17:22
I am trying to find information on the arrival of my relatives on the louisa bailley that sailed into port phillip in mid 1853 and it came from san francisco. There does not seem to be any passenger lists for this ship I do know a family member was actually born on it on the wat to aus. Any hints on where i could find the list?
Discovery Centre 2 September, 2010 13:48
Hi Amanda, I will send you some useful links for your family history research!
Bec 5 November, 2010 15:59
Hi, Just wondering what resources are available to research my grandmother's journey as the war bride of an American Marine in the 1940's? I know she went to America but then she and my grandfather had returned here by 1948 when my mother was born. Unfortunately since they were married in 1943 they just missed out on being in the BDM index which ends in 1942.
Discovery Centre 6 November, 2010 16:34
Australian BDM records are ongoing, Bec, so you should be able to order a copy of the 1943 wedding certificate from the relevant state registry if it took place here. We don't have much experience doing similar research using American archives, but there seems to be some useful online lists and resources concerning the US. Reference to the wedding may also have been made in later documents produced by Australian state and federal governments, even if they were not directly concerned with the event.
Edward Kruk 11 November, 2010 21:19
Hi I arrived in Melbourne Jan 1951 on the Fairsea from Germany aged 3 and would like to track down the passenger list if possible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Discovery Centre 12 November, 2010 10:31
Hi Edward, please read the section of the infosheet about that discusses the National Archives of Australia and details how to search immigration records on their database. If you can't find your records there, don't worry - just contact the NAA directly and they will provide you with them.
Jan Shaw 9 January, 2011 11:47
Am trying to find out how my Gr Gr Grandfather came to Australia since he didnt travel with his wife or family on the same ship, and he defintely did follow (or arrived prior to them), as he died in Cheltenham Asylum Vic in 1911.
shonna swarbrick 18 January, 2011 10:04
I have been searching high and low for information on my arrival in Australia from Great Britain. I arrived with my parents William Reilly and Elspeth Noble Reilly by plane in 1964 (around July I believe) but can find nothing. I can only find information on ship arrivals not aircraft.
Discovery Centre 19 January, 2011 13:18
Hi Jan. Records prior to 1911 are kept with each state's archive. You should search the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) as detailed in the above information sheet. If you have already done this or have no luck it might be possible that he didn't come to Victoria first. In this case you'll need to contact the archives of other states to search for him. His death certificate may also have information on when he came to Australia, which might help narrow your search. You may also want to contact PROV to see if they have any archives for Cheltenham Asylum, in which you can search for his records and perhaps find out further information.
Discovery Centre 19 January, 2011 13:25
Hi Shonna, the NAA holds all immigration records whether the immigrant arrived on a ship or a plane. If you can't find your records on the NAA site as described above it might be for a couple of reasons. If you were very young you would have come under your mother's or father's passport so you should search for their names on the website. The other likely reason is that your records are not part of the 10% that are indexed online as we've indicated above. 
eileen foley 5 February, 2011 08:59
Denis and Nora Foley sailed on S.S.Osterely in May 1922. Have ashtray from ship, would love more info on them if poss? Married to John Foley, nephew of Denis Foley living in Republic of Ireland.
Discovery Centre 9 February, 2011 12:41
Hi Eileen, do you want to know more information about their passage to Australia or general family history information? Perhaps you could ask us some specific questions related to your research through our Ask the experts pages and we can then point you in the right direction.
Clare Guiney 26 February, 2011 13:42
Hi I would like to know if you have photos of the following ships or any info on them Westminster c 1841 Anne Milne c 1852 General Hewitt c 1855 Tasmania c 1851 Frances Charlotte c 1837 Kinnear c 1848 Chance c 1857 Indrapura c 1914 Thank you
hakan Oksuz 28 February, 2011 16:44
I would like my ancestory information. We arrived in Melbourne on the Patris. It was the Patris that arrived on September 1971. Is there anyway i can find the details of the docking and immigration. I arrived with my mother and brothers & sisters. My mother's given name is Macide and the surname would have been Mustafa. Would greatly appreciated passenger list details etc.. Please respond to email with any information. Regards Hakan
Discovery Centre 1 March, 2011 11:32

Hi Clare,

Please refer to the answer given on 22nd April 2009.

Discovery Centre 1 March, 2011 12:15
Hi Hakan, this infosheet is all about how to find such details. Please have a read of it and I'm sure you'll find out how to search for and obtain the information.
Monika Hemenway 8 March, 2011 14:34
My grandparents arrived in Melbourne Australia in 1959 aboard the Toscana and i have been trying to find the passenger list from that ship with their names on it including my mother and her siblings.
janice mcguire 2 April, 2011 01:22
you have answered a lot of questions, and given myself and others a lot of answers and a place to start. so thank you.eight
Discovery Centre 4 April, 2011 15:17
Thanks for your feedback Janice! And you are very welcome.
Brendan 27 May, 2011 19:38
Hi my great,great,great grandfather arrived from the port of Liverpool on 28th February 1857 but i cannot not decipher the ships name at all. His name was Guiseppe Porra and his naturalization record is in the national archives of Australia. Please any help would be very grateful.
Niall Field 1 June, 2011 12:08
Hi, Could you tell me what date the Achille Lauro which arrived in Melbourne on 31/07/1969 departed South Hampton ? Thanks + Regards, Niall
roy mccormick 1 September, 2013 08:50
left Southampton 27th june 1969
Doreen 28 July, 2011 09:06
Hi My G/g.father Daniel Henry Regan or O'Regan or Oregan, got married in 1862 in Maryborough Queensland. I don't know when he arrived in Australia or what ship he travelled on, he was born in Kilkenny Ireland in 1836. How can I find out what ship and when he arrived. Any help will be very grateful. Regards Doreen
Discovery Centre 29 July, 2011 15:38
Hi Doreen, check out some of the tips above, you will need to search the Queensland archives if he arrived into Queensland.  Perghaps have a look at the Australian Society of Archives  for links and information.
Discovery Centre 30 July, 2011 10:23
Hi Doreen, you should probably start with the shipping lists for Queensland and search for your ancestor there. If this does not yield any results you may need to contact the Queensland Archives or search in other states shipping lists. A great information sheet on how to use the passenger list indexes for the various states can be found on the State Library of Queensland website.
Michael W 31 July, 2011 10:48
Hey, I am trying to find the names of one of my ancestors parents, but i am finding it difficult to find it, as i have little information on this side of the family. Any tips? Regards, Michael
Discovery Centre 31 July, 2011 16:49
Hi Michael. The general rule with all family history research is to start with you and work backwards, obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates, as well as relevant immigration information for your family members. It sounds like you might need to obtain some records such as these to trace the name of your ancestor. Good information about family history research can be found in the State Library of Victoria Genealogy Centre's online Family History Research Guides.
Suzanne 29 August, 2011 07:28
Hi, I know my ancestors Henry Boyd Mercer and Deborah Sinclair were married in Victoria in 1859, and I have approximate birth years for them and the names of their parents from their death notices, but I can't find any online birth records for them -- I don't know if they were born in Victoria or immigrated there. How would I go about finding this information? Are Victoria's pre-1850 birth records available online?
mel 30 August, 2011 21:02
i am trying to find my Nonna on the records.i have tryed numerous sites but have had no luck she came from Zolli, italy in 1962 to melbourne, australia on achille lauro. any idea whrer i can find a passenger list ?
Discovery Centre 31 August, 2011 14:57
Hi Mel, You will need to contact the National Archives of Australia for a passenger list.
Dorte Flindt-Egebak 10 October, 2011 06:34
Hi I stubled across this page, and I believe that Mariann Scully nee Hestehauge is my australian cousin!!! I would very much like to get in contact with her, could someone help me with an adress or email??? :o)
Jan 11 January, 2012 17:46
Can you tell me the exact arrival date of ship Achille Lauro into Adelaide in July or August 1969
Lauren 7 June, 2012 11:14
Hi, I am trying to find out the date that the SS Orontes docked in Melbourne in December/January 1958. It left Colombo on the 14th December, 1958 and docked at Fremantle on the 22nd December, 1958. I can't seem to find the date it actually docked in Melbourne where my parents disembarked. Any help as to where I can obtain this info or a passenger list, would be appreciated.
Discovery Centre 7 June, 2012 15:23

Hi Lauren,

The SS Orontes arrived in Melbourne on the 28 December in 1958. Information on the ship and its service history can be found at Page 67 of Peter Plowman’s book, Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977, ISBN:9781877058400 and online at Google Books. Click on Otranto and Orontes at the Contents page. You will need to contact the National Archives of Australia for a passenger list.

Irene Hall 5 September, 2012 12:19
Hello, I am trying to locate the passenger list for the Patris which docked in Port Melbourne on 14 August 1969. I was one year's old and travelled with my parents from Greece to Melbourne. I have some photos of my parents on the Patris which are beautiful! Thank you Irene
Karien Somers 18 September, 2012 01:49
My father came emigrated from Germany to Canada in we think 1951 on the Fairsea. Is there a way to find his name on the passenger records? Perhaps it didnt go directly or perhaps a year or so later than 1951. Thank you!!! Karien
Discovery Centre 18 September, 2012 11:06
Hi Karen, we have sent you an email with the contact details for the National Archives of Australia.
mary basile 31 October, 2012 19:45
I need to know the name of the passenger liner that arrived into Melbourne Victoria Australia from italy in approx June 1949
Discovery Centre 1 November, 2012 10:05

 Hello Mary the information that you require is available from the National Archives of Australia.

Daniela 4 November, 2012 09:12
Hi, I am looking for my grandfathers arrival ship and passenger list, he arrived from Naples to port Melbourne on ormuzza sep 13, 1926. I can't seem to find any info on this..
Discovery Centre 4 November, 2012 10:48
Hi Daniela, as per the infosheet, you'll need to contact the National Archives of Australia for that information. Best of luck!
Denise 5 November, 2012 16:16
I found recently on Ancestry.com.au a name I've been chasing - at least the wife. There's a name which could be a translation error and could be the husband. However, when I search PROV, assisted, the name of the husband or anything like it and certainly not as per Ancestry. does not come up. Does Ancestry access something different in way of records?
Discovery Centre 6 November, 2012 10:30

Hi Denise, according to the Ancestry.com website, the records that have been accessed are those held by Public Records Office Victoria.  There is an explanation here.  We cannot explain why you are seeing differences in the records.  Perhaps contact the Public Records Office Victoria for further clarification.


john Dunkley 7 December, 2012 09:35
looking for passenger list of ship "Iberia "year 1956 From England to Melb arrived on 14 4 1956 Came with Mother Elizabeth Violet Dunkley and 4 children
Discovery Centre 7 December, 2012 10:22

Hi John,

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) website - the NAA holds post-1923 passenger lists to Victoria.

You can also contact the NAA directly for further assistance in searching for your records.

Charmaine 21 March, 2013 15:16
Hi. I have a relative who has some papers saying they arrived on the Antoinette Cezard on May 5 1854. But I can not find any pictures of the ship, crew lists, passenger lists or any arrival of the ship on that date. I have found some newspaper articles that mention the ship, so I have verified it as a real ship. Can you offer any help on where to find the missing information. NAA have no record of it either, and I have not found it on any of the lists above.
CARLOS 7 April, 2013 02:49
Michael 5 May, 2013 19:17
Hi there,I traveled on Patris with my two sisters and parents in 1972.We were 10,11 and 12 years old.I remember playing ping-pong on the side of the boat and the balls would sometimes just make it over the safety net and down into the deep ocean.We would just stare at them as they faded away in the waves.Never forget it.Me and my sisters were also in a play.All I can remember is that my oldest sister was the witch.Was anyone on this trip with us? Australia to Greece 1972.Thank you.
Amanda Starr 14 May, 2013 14:47
HI, My 9yr old daughter has to trace her family history for a school project. Her Grand mother & great grandmother & father came to Australia from the Netherlands. (sorry i dont have a ship name. I am wondering if there is anywhere i can get some information for her from? Names are: BERKHOUT Adrianus Nicolaas (DOB 17/1/1922) Thats her Great grand father & Maria Cornelia Elisabeth (nee BERGHMANS) (dob 22/11/1927) thanks for any help! its greatly apprciated.
discoverycentre 14 May, 2013 16:28


Hi Amanda,

Your daughter can search for your relatives' names on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website - the NAA holds post-1923 passenger lists to Australia. 

You can also contact the NAA directly for further assistance in searching for your relatives records if you can not find them online as currently only ten percent of records are avilable online.

julie rodgers 23 May, 2013 09:42
looking for passenger list of migrants on the fairsea 1955,left triestein july1955 docked sydney,can you help please?
janice 25 May, 2013 18:43
hi i have my mum's passport and ticket on the orontes dated 22nd april 1940 arriving melbourne sometime may 1940 from the uk - i would like to find more information for her and perhaps a guest list of the ship (she is now 93 and is writing her memoirs). Mum came out with the cotton mills to train the aussies in melbourne. She was originally booked on the oronsay but it was taken over for the troups. Also would love to find a sketch of the ship and any other things she may like to put oin her book (which is just for family members only). kind regards janice
thelma doukas 28 July, 2013 18:09
Hi,My mother and my siblings arrived into fremantle in 1954 but I cant find shipping records or anything else
Martin Gunter 1 August, 2013 22:33
Looking for Nigel J Wilding taken from us as a child migrant. Born Lambeth 1948 and shipped out to Australia shortly afterwards. He has two sisters who he has never met who would dearly love to meet him.
Melissa 3 September, 2013 02:27
I need some help to find out if i can find any photos of my Dad on a ship back in 1970 he had some photo taken by the crew and with them, the photos were places up on a board for passengers to see on the ship, I have all the Ships Information including departing time and place and arrival, My Dads family name was under Downs, The Achille Lauro departed from AU SA Adelaide the Outer Harbour at 5.00pm Monday 19/1/70 the Achille Lauro was Bound for Southampton U.K. and arrived on the 20/2/70 and it also could have happend on another ship I know it was on of the 2 ships, the other ship was the Fairsky he turned 6 on this Liner, and this Ship Departed Southampton Docks at 2.00pm 20/4/70 and Arrived at Outer Harbour Wharf S.Aust at 5.00pm on 27/5/70 I hope this helps or even if anyone would know how i can find these photos again, I Have been after them for so long as it was some of the best days in my Dads life on those liners and I would love to track any of them down for him any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Kind Regards Melissa
Jenny 5 September, 2013 16:21
Hi, I needed to find information on my mum coming to Australia from Greece on the Ellinis at the age of 28. Records or even a diary entry of a person on the ship will be most appreciated, please anwer ASAP Jenny xxx
Discovery Centre 6 September, 2013 15:13
Hi Jenny, you will need to contact the National Archives of Australia for records of your mother's arrival. 
DELLICE LACEY 28 September, 2013 12:37
I would like to know where would I start to look if I wanted to find photo's and information about my family who are of the EWAMIAN people of the gulf of capenteria around the GEORGETOWN area ETHERIDGE SHIRE, hope to recieve a comment back , cheers
maureen baldwin 1 October, 2013 23:10
would like information and passenger list of the asturias.left southampton august1951arriving in freemantle september1951
Vicki Doherty 31 December, 2015 14:15
If you visit my website www.ssasturias.net and contact me via the site I can help you. Regards
Abraham and Elizabeth ROBERTS 28 October, 2013 01:31
Looking for ship above arrived in 1852 to 1854 from cornwall. Have looked all SA and not there. May be unassisted to NSW. Don't want to pay Ancestry.com
Discovery Centre 28 October, 2013 11:22
Hello! If you've tried SA with no luck, have a look at the NSW State Records unassisted arrivals index for that period. If still no luck, perhaps look at Fremantle or Melbourne ports through their respective state archives.
NONI NICHOLS 3 November, 2013 14:03
I hope you can help me I am doing my family tree , my grandparents arrived from Ireland to fremantle W.A on the 5th August 1925 .that was the date on the passport.I am trying to find the ship with a passenger list any thing at all that confirms their arrival. There names are Catherine and James Ashcroft ,married 10th June 1925 in Ireland .I hope you can point me in the right direction
Immigration Discovery Centre 3 November, 2013 16:26
Hi Noni, the best thing to do is do a search on the National Archives of Australia, (NAA) website. All arrivals to Australia from 1923 onwards have their records centralised in Canberra and the NAA are currently undertaking a project to digitise these records and make them available online for people. It is an ongoing process so if you undertake a search on their website and don't find the records you are looking for it doesn't mean they are lost or don't exist, it just means they haven't been put online yet. If the records you are searching for are not online and you would like them to make a digital copy you can send an email to the NAA via their website; go to 'ask us a question' then 'immigration records' then fill in the form and click submit. The charge for the NAA to prioritise someone is $20.90, (including GST) for people whose record is less than 100 pages, (this is the majority of people).    
Rev. Laurence G. Deverall 8 December, 2013 14:33
Dear Sir: I am trying to find the date the MV Orontes left Adelaid in Novenber 1956. I, and members of the RAF Air Taskforce Buffalo departed Australia for the UK after the Buffalo series of Tests at Maralinga. I was then SAC Deverall 2599005
Discovery Centre 8 December, 2013 15:47
Hi Rev. Deverall, you will need to contact the National Archives of Australia to find out the exact dates the ship left Adelaide
Evelyn Corless 25 December, 2013 09:53
Looking for my friend Doreen Mckenzie living in Adelaide left Wallsend, England in 1960
Abraham Roberts 5 January, 2014 15:13
May have been unassisted from plymouth in 1853. Noone seems to help on this So called Discovery Centre. I have been trying since 1980.
Discovery Centre 7 January, 2014 13:26

Hi Abraham, thanks for the question. Before 1923, each state of Australia is responsible for their own immigration records. So, if the family you are searching for came to Victoria, you will need to search the Public Records Office Victoria website. If you can’t find them there, consider searching other state archives.

guerino vidotto 21 April, 2014 12:36
how can I get the LIST of passengers that come to AUSTRALIA ON BOARD M/N FLAMINIA ON AUGUST OR JULY 1961? THANK YOU
discoverycentre 21 April, 2014 13:00

The National Archives of Australia is the central repository for Australian Commonwealth Government records and holds information on naturalisation, military service and immigration.

The National Archives website features online indexes to records in their collection, and can be searched by name, year and/or ship's name. It is important to note that only approximately 10% of the material archived by the National Archives is so far featured on the internet.

Megan Wiggins 15 June, 2014 22:19
Hi, I am trying to locate a passengers list from The Oriana ship in which my grand parents, mum and uncle came to Australia on in 1964. Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you!
discoverycentre 16 June, 2014 09:57

You can search for your grandparents arrival details on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website - the NAA holds post-1923 passenger lists to Victoria.

You can also contact the NAA directly for further assistance in searching for your family records

Loretta Edmonston 11 October, 2014 03:25
My grandfather mentioned that his uncle Robert went to America. His father was an only child so it must have been his mothers brother and the surname was Welsh. This is all that is known. She lived in Melbourne.
Discovery Centre 4 November, 2014 15:53

Hi Loretta,

For records before 1923, you can try the Public Record Office Victoria's Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, UK, NZ and Foreign Ports 1852-1923 if you believe he left from Melbourne. If it was after this date, try the National Archives of Australia.

Waldemar Seybold 10 February, 2015 14:57
I have arrived in Melbourne at Station Pier on the FLAMINIA from Trieste in the second half of 1957. Could you help me please to find the arrival date
Emma Gibbs 2 May, 2015 09:48
My father immigrated from Holland in 1954 with his parents and 9 siblings. They came over on the Sibajak and reached Melbourne on 8 March 1954 The family name is Van Der Kleij (Vanderkley now) I am unable to find a passenger list from this time. Any help is appreciated.
Discovery Centre 2 May, 2015 10:36

Hi Emma,

You can search for your father's name on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website - the NAA holds post-1923 passenger lists.

If you can't find your father's records, you can contact the NAA directly for further assistance.

patrick organ 6 July, 2015 05:01
hi was wondering if there is some place I can find out what happened my uncle Thomas organ have him arriveing in Melbourne port 1949 but don't know what happened after that, most of sites you have to pay to view many thanks pat organ
Discovery Centre 6 July, 2015 11:57
Hi Patrick - you may find some of the resources on our Locating Living People blog post of assistance. Best of luck!
James Snee 6 October, 2015 00:36
i returned to the UK end of January 1960 on board ss orontes. Is there any record of passenger list. We arrived UK tilbury end of February could have been first week March.
Alastair McNeil 2 November, 2015 13:20
Hi I was wondering if there were any articles in The Age, The Argus or Life Magazine on the MV Georgic ship that left Liverpool in January 1949 and arrived in Melbourne on Febuary 12th 1949 because my grandfather arrived on the ship when he was 19 and there is meant to be a photo of him in an article and I would love to give it to him, as my dad remembers seeing something years ago.
Discovery Centre 2 November, 2015 14:43

Hi Alastair,

The National Library of Australia's TROVE website has a huge number of digitised newspapers that are searchable. If there was anything written, then you should be able to find it there.

Robyn Brown 18 November, 2015 23:11
Hello, I'm currently researching my family history and have the arrival dates of my family who immigrated to Australia from England in 1927. As was the case in those days the ships arrived in Fremantle first. I have all the dates of the Fremantle arrivals, but want to know when those ships actually arrived in Melbourne. Can you please advise how I can find out those actual arrival dates. thank you, Robyn
Discovery Centre 19 November, 2015 16:51
Hi Robyn,

National Archives of Australia record search may return a number of lists generated for one specific voyage, and this may give an indication of arrival at different ports, or the Fremantle list may have subsequent arrival dates.

Further, you may want to try searching Trove's digitised newspaper database for information reported in newspapers.  
Ship "Euripides " 17 January, 2016 22:59
Would love to see ship my father came out from England on as a 3rd class assisted immigrant at the age of 18yrs, he was ill with malaria & disembarked at Melbourne instead of Sydney. Dalgety& Co Ltd were fined £100 by the Vic Govt under section 9 Immigration Act . This happened 6/4/1925
Violet Wasson 5 February, 2016 14:42
Hi there, I have found my Mother's record (A2478) Helene Marianne Baumann. How can I find out what happened to her after Bonegilla (I have a blank between this and when she met my father). Thank you for any help Violet
Discovery Centre 9 February, 2016 14:39
Hi Violet, 

When conducting genealogical research, it is important to think of what life events may have generated records. Perhaps your mother’s Bonegilla records indicate where she moved, which may mean that you could look for records at a local government level. Perhaps they indicate her employer, which if still extant might have employee records archived. 
fred kingmoor 11 February, 2016 09:36
hey there my pa was a imergent form 1920 and he lived her and forght for austrlia but sadly died 5 years befor i was born he was healthy and careing
alison 12 March, 2016 17:10
I need to know where 2 start 2 look for my deceased father in laws war service records/migration records for (WW2) but he was English and migrated in 1951 on the shi Otrano,any suggestns pls?
Discovery Centre 13 March, 2016 09:55
Hi Alison - you'll probably need to contact the UK's own National Archives for that sort of information. The National Archives of Australia will only hold the details that relate to his migration and thereafter.
Tina Court (James) 12 April, 2016 07:56
I left Southampton 8th Feb 1972 aged 10, had My 11th birthday on the ship.What a trip rough seas all the way. Best dry warm day,crossing the equator. Remember going to school onboard also finding the inside swimming. Sea was so rough one day our dinner went across the floor, tables and chairs all moved waves went passed the windows. Glad to get off at the end if out journey.
Elizabeth Steven 18 August, 2016 11:22
I'm trying to access pictures of the passengers who arrived on the Achille Laura in 1968. My parents left Southport in August 1968 and disembarked in Sydney (not sure of date). Can you recommend a reference starting point?
Discovery Centre 22 August, 2016 16:41
Hi Elizabeth, 

You may want to start with the National Archives of Australia's PhotoSearch tool and the National Library of Australia's website Trove. It may not have been standard practice to take photos at disembarkation, however. 
Olive Wood 13 September, 2016 17:07
Trying to locate ship list for g,g,g,grandfather, William Cropper Bate, crew/seaman/mariner or passenger from UK, arrived between 1829-1839 as married April 1839 St James, Melbourne, as a widower.
Discovery Centre 21 September, 2016 16:31

At the time of William Cropper Bate's arrival into Victoria we were still part of New South Wales. Perhaps try searching the NSW Public Records either under the Assisted Immigrants Index or Unassisted Immigrant Index

You will need to contact the Archives directly if you need assistance or copies of anything you find. 

Good luck!

Kim Evans 7 November, 2016 10:57
Hi, I am trying to find the very last date the RMS ORION sailed from UK to Australia as a passenger ship in 1938 or 1939 before the outbreak of WW2. The only information I have found says it was used as such until the outbreak, but I can't find exact dates...any information or links would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
Discovery Centre 9 November, 2016 10:32

Hello Kim, from what I can ascertain a quick Search of the Collections at the National Archive of Australia, the last arrival of the RMS Orion to Australia before the outbreak of WWII was a voyage that arrived at Fremantle on February 28 1939. There's a digital scan of the Passenger List for this voyage available on the NAA, just go to the Basic Search page, and use the keywords 'Orion list 1939'; there was also a voyage in November 1939, but we'd regard this as a post-outbreak voyage.

We hope this helps!

Hilton Terry 23 November, 2016 22:14
Hi, I am trying to find details of my maternal grandparents who left England ca 1923. The family of Frederick Geard Davis (my grandfather). They left South Hampton and via Fremantle, disembarked in Sydney. Can you recommend some useful relevant websites. Rgds Hilton
Discovery Centre 26 November, 2016 10:00
Hi Hilton, 

The information  posted at the top of this page regarding searching passenger lists will be of the most use to you. Please feel free to have a read of it.
Jean Plant 15 January, 2017 09:57
My Mother, sister and l sailed on a ship called the Patris between 1971 and 1972 l am not sure which year it was as l was only a child back then. It was refered to as a ShipJet, we left from the Port of Melbourne and sailed to Singapore then took a flight to London. I wanted to find out how long the cruise took to get to Singapore, l could not find any details online of this sailing. As a child l thought that the journey took a long time. My Mother has passed now and my sister cant remember much of the trip. Thanks in advance for your help. Jean
Discovery Centre 15 January, 2017 12:18

Hi Jean,

We did some online research using Trove and the National Archives of Australia and found it took about twelve days to get to Singapore from Melbourne.

Trevor Pickles 29 January, 2017 18:27
I would like to determine the date that The Sitmar liner Fairstar docked in Melbourne in early 1966. It may have been April 1 but can anyone confirm. Thanks
Jade Radford 10 March, 2017 16:59
hi I have just found out my dad and his family came across on fair sea ship in 1969 from England to Fremantle. I would like to find out the dates they sailed over and anything else you can find for me please as my dad passed away 23 years ago and now I have moved to western Australia I would like to know how my family started out in Australia. family name Hamilton grandparents Maurice and Edith children Margaret, Gregory, Maurice,Steven and Karen. cheers
Discovery Centre 11 March, 2017 11:52
Hi Jade! Using the details provided in the info above, you'll want to go to the National Archives record search service to do this research. It's linked above - you just need to click on "Search the Collection" from their front page, and go from there. All the best!
Peter Baboucek 11 March, 2017 17:40
My parents arrived in Melbourne on the USS General R. L. Howze on 26 March 1950, after leaving Naples on 29 February. Records show that 1,316 refugees disembarked in Melbourne. Is that the same number of refugees who left Naples, or is it possible that some disembarked at other Australian ports, before finally arriving in Melbourne.
Vin 13 March, 2017 15:19
can you tell if Dora Tracey was on the "Hope" in 1864, thanks
Ria patkopoulos 18 March, 2017 17:47
My name is ria patkopoulos my reason for writting this my mother's oldest sister her name was eleftheria kopatskas was sent to australia because my grandfather would not allow my aunty to marry because in those days no police officer were allowed in the family now my aunty had a baby girl b4 leaving greece now this baby would be about my age 58years old but i would like track her down
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