Sam the Koala

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Alice Collins 17 April, 2010 12:48
I wish i could have had an oppurtunity to meet Sam. I was deeply touched by her story being a huge koala lover that i am. I was devastated by her death and still cry to this day when i watch her videos. I've had a tattoo of an angel koala done on my shoulder with the name SAMMY tattooed over it as a memorial. I hope I could someday get out to Australia and visit Sam's memorial site and the other koalas in the sanctuary. Sorry,have to stop typing now because my eyes are filled with tears as i continue to type. God bless, Sammy.
J 3 August, 2010 01:05
I never met Sam either but I loved her too. I felt so horrible for her. It makes me cry too but she is in a better place now.
John Beevis 30 September, 2010 16:44
When the story of Sam was flashed around the world. I saved a copy in my computer and occasionaly run it, it is still there and I will keep it. I am so sad to learn of her passing but the legacy she leaves behind is a huge inspiration for the human race. "If you have never loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened" I am sure she will be remebered for all of time.
Carol Toogood 14 October, 2010 21:15
The footage on TV of Sam gave everyone a sense hope in the midst of our devastating bush-fires, at a time when the newscasts were showing terrible images of loss. Sam's rescue and her gentle 'reaching out' to a human for help(against her natural instincts) was emotionally uplifting.Sam should not be forgotten , and her presence in the Museum will keep her memory and her message alive.RIP Sammy.
Jo Smyth 28 February, 2013 03:17
Why is the famous photo of Sam and his rescuer not here to see...after all that was the true way the facination with Sam was seen all around the world....just saying it is not the same without the lead photograph!
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