Bardick Echiopsis curta

Snakes of Victoria series


The Bardick, Echiopsis curta, is a dark grey snake, occasionally with a slightly darker head which is distinctly wider than the neck. It has 19 rows of mid-body scales, a single anal scale and 30-40 single subcaudal scales. Total length is slightly in excess of 50 cm.

Photo of Bardick

Photographer: Peter Robertson / Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty Ltd

Distribution and habitat

Within Victoria, it is restricted to the semi arid mallee areas of the north west including the Little Desert. It is usually found under fallen vegetation and other debris on sandy or loamy soils.

Biology and bite

Active at night, its diet consists of a range of small vertebrates. Females produce a litter of 3-14 live young.

The Bardick will react aggressively towards humans if harassed. It is venomous, but is not considered dangerous to adults. If bitten on a limb, apply a pressure bandage, immobilise the limb and seek medical advice immediately. If bitten elsewhere, apply continual direct pressure to the bite site. Do not wash the wound as the venom can confirm the identification of the snake.

Further Reading

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ron 28 April, 2009 05:13
can you die from a bardick snake???????
Discovery Centre 28 April, 2009 12:42
The best place to contact for statistics on and medical advice about snake bites is the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne.
Crazyreptilechick 3 February, 2012 16:36
Bardicks are venomous, sooo... if a large one gets u? Make u sick but probs not die.
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