Southern or Wood Scorpion Cercophonius squama

The common name ‘Southern or Wood Scorpion’ is applied to scorpions that belong to the genus Cercophonius, of which there are at least six species in Australia.

Cercophonius squama is a widespread south-eastern Australian species, found in south-eastern South Australia, Victoria, eastern NSW, the ACT and Tasmania. It is one of three species of scorpions known to occur in the greater Melbourne region. The body length, including the tail, ranges from 25–40 mm, and the body pattern is variegated, consisting of patches of different shades of brown on a lighter background.

Cercophonius squama

Cercophonius squama
Photographer: Rodney Start / Source: Museum Victoria

It lives in burrows under plant litter on the ground; shallow burrows if occupancy is temporary and deeper ones if occupancy is longer. It can also live under the bark of standing trees, preferring eucalypts. Cercophonius squama can live for more than three years. It feeds on small invertebrates generally less than 10 mm in body length.

The sting of the Southern or Wood Scorpion can cause inflammation and pain for several hours, and medical advice should be sought.

Further Reading

Koch, L. E. 1977. The taxonomy, geographic distribution and evolutionary radiation of Australo-Papuan scorpions. Records of the Western Australian Museum 5(2):83–367.

Walker, K. L., Yen, A. L. and Milledge, G. A. 2003. Spiders and Scorpions commonly found in Victoria. Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne.

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Donna 24 April, 2009 22:06
we think we have these in fairly significant numbers in our house and are worried about our small breed dogs. Thanks for the information in the website.
Evan Holt 16 June, 2009 13:36
In the past few weeks we have had more than a dozen small wood scorpions in the home - approx one a night. Most but not all are dead or dying. We have seen several active scorpions outside the house. I want to get rid of them and intend to use Coopex dust inside the house and a Coopex solution sprayed outside the house. I don't fancy having a scorpion in my socks in the morning! Is there a less fatal way of keeping the critters out of the house? Evan
Mary 23 August, 2013 16:39
I just found one in the lounge that appeared to have come out of the chopped wood I had brought in to burn. Glad I saw it before the cat pounced on it. I placed it back outside to enjoy more adventures, hoping it won't have babies ...
Alison 15 May, 2016 00:31
Why would you want to have a poisonous chemical all over your're more likely to die from that than any "danger" from a wood scorpion. Just put them outside again...they don't want to be in they live in leaf litter in burrows. So perhaps see where they're coming in and block it off. e.g. draught excluders on your doors.
Christina Moyes 29 May, 2016 17:00
Buy a grasshopper mouse which are natural predators of scorpions
Tony Watson 26 June, 2009 15:36
I have just found a Wood Scorpion Cercophonius squama while digging up weeds on my acre block close to gum trees under leaf litter etc. this is the first time I have ever seen one in SA and is there a register for sighting unusal insects in your area or are they common to in Loxton SA? Tony.
Discovery Centre 26 June, 2009 16:23

Evan - another method that can help with keeping scorpions outside of the house is to install draught excluders on external doors. Tony - Museum Victoria specialises in the distribution of insect species within Victoria. Might you try the SA Museum regarding your Loxton enquiry?

Carol 20 August, 2009 15:42
Since moving into our house here in Tassie, I have caught at least 10 scorpions in the house. I would not like to be bitten/stung by one. How poisonous are they?
BFavell 5 April, 2017 15:38
I got stung by a wood scorpion last night in Gunai E. Gippsland and it was ok... a little bit more painful than a bull ant. It was on the kitchen floor at night which is a first. It says everywhere to seek medical advice but i didn't - the pain didn't seem bad enough. For some reason I put apple cider vinegar on it and the pain went away after about an hour. No side effects today. Maybe it didn't bite me for long enough. I put it outside. It seemed ok, it disappeared quickly. They come into the shed sometimes.
Beau 20 August, 2009 22:28
We have just found our first scorpion in the bathroom!! we are on the coast in victoria and am wondering if there is one is there likely to be many more? its the first one iv seen in the 10 years iv lived here!
Discovery Centre 21 August, 2009 13:27

Hi Carol - the species of scorpion found in Australia are not considered to be dangerous, although they can give a painful sting. More information on these fascinating creatures can be found at our information sheet here:

or a fact sheet from the Australian Museum here:

Discovery Centre 21 August, 2009 13:38

Hi Beau - There are 9 known species of scorpion in Australia, and whilst they are fairly common, they do not generally seek to come indoors, rather coming in accidentally. Draught excluders along doors can help prevent further unwanted visitors! The links given in a previous reply will give you more information about their habits and habitat.

Jennifer 20 November, 2009 21:38
Hi, we have been in Australia for a year now and live in Clifton Springs Vic, we are keep finding wood scorpions on a night time. I dont mind them to much but I have a 3 yr old and a 3 month old and I am worried that they get bitten. How bad would the bite be and what would the signs be. Thank you
Discovery Centre 23 November, 2009 12:32

Dear Jennifer,

scorpions have no interest in people so a sting usually results either from accidental interaction, i.e. standing on a scorpion or if people try to handle them and the animal feels under threat. We get many enquiries on scorpions and not one that I can remember has involved someone being stung. So despite the fact that they can be relatively common in some areas as long as people treat them with respect and are aware of their behaviours and habits, it seems stings are rare.

If you or someone in your family is stung we recommend you seek medical advice but the scorpions in Australia are not considered highly dangerous like some of the species in other countries.



vicki 8 December, 2009 00:11
we are up to number 7 scorpian we have found in the house in the past few weeks mainly finding them in the bathroom but most recently on our doona cover on our bed. they are really freaking my partner out and wonder what sort of spray deternat can we put around the house to stop them coming in. oh p.s we are in tasmania also is it usual to find then over here?
Discovery Centre 14 December, 2009 12:05

Hi Vicki,

scorpions are found in Tasmania and as in Melbourne they can be quite common. Finding one on the doona would give you a scare; you can try those draft excluders if you think they may be wandering in under the door. Also be aware that they may be brought into the home under the bark on firewood.


Cassy 30 November, 2014 08:52
Hi there. You say they are found in Melbourne area. I live in Withcott, Queensland. We have had 5 maybe more in our house since living here for 7 years. Usually found in the bathrooms or laundry. Very frightening when we have children in the house.
Jeremy 13 February, 2010 22:25
We have just found our third scorpion in the house (a marbled) the second one we found stung my wife in bed. (it was in the bed and she laid on it.) So she is very freaked out. We only have 2 doors into the house and 2 of the scorpions were found nowhere near either of the doors, so I don't know if the draft excluders will work. I plan on bombing the interior and spraying the exterior, will this be effective?
Zacc 16 February, 2010 17:27
I was wondering what scorpians are buyable in melbourne if any and what licence do you need, Cheers
Discovery Centre 18 February, 2010 10:07

Hi Jeremy,

sorry to hear about your wife being stung; she has been very unlucky as we get many enquiries to the Museum regarding scorpions and I can't remember the last time someone contacted us having been stung. Unfortunately the Museum is not involved in pest control so I can't say whether spraying will definitely exclude them and if so how long this may remain effective for. If you want to go ahead with treatment try to ring at least three professional pest control companies and see what sort of guarantees, services they can offer you.

Scorpions can also be brought into the home under bark, so if you have a pile of wood for an open fire, this may also be a way of inadvertently bringing them in. 

Discovery Centre 20 February, 2010 15:29

Hi Zacc, thanks for your enquiry. We suggest you look at some online stores when looking to purchase scorpions.  If they are sold by these online stores, they are probably captive bred or responsibliy collected.  Perhaps consider contacting The Green Scorpion.

Russ 26 April, 2010 23:44
How do you tell male from female?
Discovery Centre 30 April, 2010 09:42

Hi Russ, the mature female scorpion is generally larger and more robust than the male, but the sting at the tip of their tail is generally shorter. The pincers and/or the tail are longer in males. The pectines, (sensory organs on the underside of the scorpion) are also longer and the teeth of the pectines are more bent in males. As you can see it is not easy to differentiate the sexes.  

Travis 23 June, 2010 15:07
Hi there, just a quick query and thought you might be the right people to ask. Does a scorpions sting contain traces of metal?. I have been led to believe they do, can you claify this for me. Thank You.
Discovery Centre 29 June, 2010 10:04

Hi Travis, we have looked into this and we have found that there is research being undertaken into the possible use of scorpion venom in new insecticides and cancer treatments. I could not find any reference to scorpion venom containing traces of metal. To follow this up you may want to contact the Australian Venom Research Unit

nico 24 May, 2013 14:16
Travis 1 July, 2010 13:10
Its not the venom that contains traces of metal, its the sting itself.
Sandra 5 October, 2010 19:48
I just found a Southern/Wood Scorpion by accident, while moving wood in the back yard (with heavy gloves on).It was under the loose bark of a log and fell out as I moved the wood. I noticed that it "played dead" while I was looking for it to put in a jar so my daughter could photograph it. Many people have made comments about finding Scorpions that were dead. I wonder if they were just being still?What do you think? Its extremities (feet and pedipalps) looked quite reddish to me. It was about 25-35mm long. It occurred to me later that a batch of little darkish bodied reddish legged things that I could not focus on without my glasses, that scattered from under a nearby piece of disturbed wood could have been its young. Would this be likely?
Discovery Centre 7 October, 2010 12:11

Hi Sandra,

Small scorpions like the wood scorpion do remain quite still if they are disturbed. This is often for 2 reasons: Over winter they are quite cold and they will minimise movement as their body temperatures are not warm enough to allow for high levels of activity. The other reason we see scorpions ‘playing dead’ when we disturb them is as a predator defence mechanism; they only tend to remain this way for a short period of time when they think pretending to be a piece of wood is working, then we find that they will suddenly become very active and will make a big effort to get away.

The group of animals you observed scattering away from under a neighbouring log are unlikely to be the young of this scorpion. The only time they are clustered as a group is upon the females back. Once they have moulted and left the females back they disperse and if they encounter each other they are more likely to have each other for dinner rather than hang out together.

Debbie 1 November, 2010 21:40
Hi ,, ive found my very first wood scorpain in tasmania at the back of ridgley and still is spun out to find it as i thought tassie dont have these !!! at the moment i have him for a pet just to get info on them etc then im letting him go back where i found him ,, could you tell me what they eat as want it to be in the most nature as possible feeling till i take it back ...
Discovery Centre 5 November, 2010 14:21
Hi Debbie,

All scorpions are predators. Your wood scorpion in the wild would be feeding on a range of small insects and other invertebrates it finds in your backyard. If you can find some small insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches from the backyard you can offer them to the scorpion. Make sure the food you offer them is around 1/3 the size of your pet.

Yvette 28 November, 2010 12:43
Hi I live in Perth and regularly find quite small scorpions in my home, usually in the bathroom. I think they fall down through the extractor fan with implies they live in the roof space. Can I assume they are wood scorpions and are they common in Perth?
Discovery Centre 29 November, 2010 11:42
Hi Yvette, as you are in Perth it might be a good idea to contact the Western Australian Museum and see if they can identify the species for you. If you can take some images you could contact the Museum here. They will have a better knowledge of WA fauna than we will.
Onna 20 December, 2010 23:09
Hi I got stung in my bed in the middle of the night by a scorpion. I have found many in the house which fortunatley I have been able to remove one way or another. This was last summer. I have just found the first one inside for this summer. I want them dead, is there a spray? They are a light brown colour with a kind of white speckle
Discovery Centre 21 December, 2010 16:13
Hi Onna, despite the fact that scorpions can be found in reasonable numbers in the suburbs of Melbourne stings are rare so you have been unlucky. Scorpions have no interest in humans and stings usually result from people accidentally standing or lying on them. Of the nine species that are known to inhabit Victoria none of them are considered highly dangerous although a sting can result in inflammation and pain for several hours and you should get medical advice in the event of being stung. The Museum is not involved in the removal or control of insects and invertebrates but you may want to consider draught excluders if you have large cracks under the door. Scorpions can also be brought into the home under the bark of firewood. If you are interested in having a specimen identified by our Entomologist please submit an identification request by following the guidelines located here
Please follow these links to access our MV Resources for more information and facts on scorpions.
coral 18 February, 2011 07:45
just found a scorpion sitting on cushion in bathtub , smithton , tasmania, must have been in cushion i think . its alive . what do i do with it eek ?
Discovery Centre 18 February, 2011 15:39
Hi Coral, if you can safely tip the scorpion into a container you can take it outside and release it in the garden. Scorpions in Australia are not considered highly dangerous although if stood on or if they feel threatened may sting in self defence. Scorpions will sometimes wander inside while looking for food. They can also be brought inside under the bark of firewood.
amanda 26 February, 2011 20:49
eek...just found a wood scorpion on the lounge room floor in deviot, and i were watching a movie when my little boy shouted out...not lying down on the carpet again!!
haydos 5 April, 2011 06:58
Hey I find about 1 a week in my home in tassi . I think that they are wicked I have the biggest one I found as a pet now and its the best pet iv Eva had . I just catch live crickets from my yard and give it loads off water and its great . I put a cricket in that was about 2 inches long it was massive . I woke up in the morning and the cricket that is 2 times bigger than the scorpion has no head ...
Karen 10 April, 2011 20:18
We find a couple of scorpions every year in our home. I have four girls and I worry that someone will tread on one in the dark. We don't have a wood heater and I'm wondering how else would they make their way inside. They always appear in the bathroom or my bedroom (which aren't near each other). Could they fall down from inside the tastic light?
Discovery Centre 15 April, 2011 14:21

Hi Karen,

Its unlikely that they would be up in the ceiling as they are usually ground dwelling creatures - it is far more likely that they are coming in under outside doors.  Otherwise, they could also be brought in by a pet (dog/cat), or plants that are transferred from outside to inside, particularly if there is garden/mulch near these rooms.

Silvia 27 April, 2011 14:18
Just found a little scorpion (approx. 3.5cm) that looks exactly like the image above, sadly drowned in our backyard pool in Heathmont. I was quite surprised as I had no idea there were scorpions in Melbourne. Thanks to your website I was able to identify it.
Mark 1 May, 2011 18:55
Just found a little one in the kitchen - dark coloured, about 20cm long - never seen one here in the Dandenongs before. Plan to 'return it to the wild' on my way to work tomorrow (or perhaps to test Bear Grylls theories on how they taste....)
maza tf insanity baker 3 December, 2012 03:21
20cm long hay ?????
Terry 9 May, 2011 09:42
Tyers, Victoria. I was sawing up a fallen tree and when moving the wood found my first scorpion (approx 3cm long, quite meaty) here. He played dead for a bit but was quite active once I put him in a jar to show the family and teach the children what it is and not to touch. Needless to say we'll be much more careful with bringing wood inside in future. He was let go quite away from the house.
Qwomlee 20 May, 2011 10:57
Hi, my mum has just recently found a scorpion in our kitchen. My cat was attacking it earlier and I have decided to keep it as a pet. I noticed it's a female from the features it has (Light colored legs, short stinger and claws, quite muscular) what type of bugs do they eat and where will I find them?
Discovery Centre 5 June, 2011 16:08
Scorpions will eat small insects such as cockroaches and grasshoppers, not too big. They will also eat mealworms which can sometimes be bought from pet shops.  It is important not to over feed them and perhaps one meal every few days is sufficient.  Check out some of the information provided to other readers above.
Mia 20 June, 2011 22:36
I found a 6cm scorpion in my bathroom. Why do so many people find them in the bathroom and how would one get into a bed - can they crawl like a spider? (I'm freaked out!)
Rita 16 November, 2011 23:41
I was a bit freaked out when I found a scorpion on the carpet (in Kingston, Tasmania) but feel a bit better now I realise I probably brought it in myself (on the firewood) and that they usually don't bite! Still I will inspect the wood more closely in future!
Robyn 21 February, 2012 03:28
I was stung by a scorpion about half an hour ago, which is how I came to find your website. Wanted to check on side effects as I've had a reaction to a European wasp sting. The sting felt similar to a sting from a bee. It caused redness and swelling for about 15 minutes but the pain and swelling has almost gone. The scorpion was about 30mm long and a reddish colour. I have seen them inside the house quite often (Sisters Beach in Tasmania) but have never been stung before. Stepped out of bed in the dark and trod on it. Thanks for the helpful info on your site.
Dean Curran 10 April, 2012 12:46
Hey have a cpl of questions, has the wood scorpions always been In Tas or were they imported? As I don't remember them as a kid (80's)? Is it known if anyone that has been stung, has had any similar extreme reaction to that of a bee sting (anaphylactic shock)? Also are cats and dogs vunrable to the same pain as humans? Cheers Dean C
D Lockett 19 September, 2013 19:07
Last New years eve, whilst on holidays in Queensland we received a desperate call from our cat sitter, She had found our Puss lying on the floor near her water bowl almost dead, Yes you guessed it a scorpion sting on the underside of the front right shoulder, and because there was no one really around it turned into a major abscess. How do we know it was a scorpion you ask??? our little girl was in hospital for three days and blood samples were taken and checked and by the analysis of enzymes in the blood it was determined that the culprit was the wood scorpion. Believe me I know how much it hurts because today at lunch time I was hit twice by a scorpion, it is know 6 hrs latter and I still have one very sore hand, considerable swelling, and four very numb fingers. I have not sought medical assistance but will be keeping a very close eye on things for a while yet
Iain 11 April, 2012 08:13
Hi, after moving house recently we've started to find a number of wood scorpions in our home. I understand the bite is not a significant issue for adults but we have a 6 month old baby and I'd like to know if there is any significant risk if she's bitten? Cheers Iain
Discovery Centre 16 April, 2012 14:46

Hi Dean, the Southern or Wood Scorpion is the only species of scorpion found in Tasmania but we haven't found any evidence suggesting that it is not naturally occurring in Tasmania. As they are nocturnal, small and well camouflaged they often pass unnoticed by people. The Australian Venom Research Unit states that 'on a world scale Australian scorpions are relatively innocuous, with very few deaths reliably documented as related to scorpion stings. Local pain and swelling are the major clinical problems following Australian scorpion stings.'

Pets definitely feel pain if stung by a scorpion, whether or not it hurts them as much as it hurts us I don't think anyone knows. 

Discovery Centre 16 April, 2012 15:00
Hi Iain, have a look at the answer we provided today to Darren regarding venom issues for this scorpion. In the event of a suspected sting seek medical attention if for nothing else than peace of mind. If you are getting scorpions in the house check if there are obvious gaps under the door and use those draught excluders to block them. Scorpions can also be brought into the house under the bark of firewoood. Scorpions have no interest in people and are likely to sting only if stood on or handled and stressed. Despite the fact that they can be locally common we get hardly any stings reported to us at the Museum.  
Hamish 2 May, 2012 09:14
Hi , so I found a scorpion on the kitchen floor here in gippsland. I had pet scorpions when I lived in Brisbane a few years ago. I've made the same enclosure I used to have with commercial sand. I've put a heat pad under half the tank. Do the scorpions in Victoria require a heat pad ?
Discovery Centre 5 May, 2012 13:23

Hi Hamish,

Only tropical species require heating. Local species are best kept under local conditions, which means no additional heating.

Oliver 10 May, 2012 07:37
Last night my mum found a black scorpion in our house in mt Eliza on the mornington peninsula. It was about three centimeteres long and pretty scary! Mum said in the forty years in Melbourne she's never seen one. It was really cool but horrible at the same time. We let it go outside because we are not the killing type.
Virginia 13 May, 2012 11:29
Ifound my first scorpion in the loo, crouching. in a corner. I blew on it & it raises its horrible little sting and claws. I left it alone and went back to bed. When I awoke a couple of hours later, it had followed me to my room -ugh! I'm allergic to bee and wasp stings so I donged it with a shoe, and have it in a jar (dead) Never knew we had them in Victoria - East Gippsland.
Lee 5 August, 2012 18:18
I'm also in East Gippsland and have just found a scorpion in my firewood. I am wondering, do Victorian scorpions have the same aversion to lavender as their European cousins?
Discovery Centre 20 August, 2012 13:23
Hi Lee, we are not aware of any scientifically published material that suggests Australian species of scorpion will be repelled by lavendar. As you have found this species of scorpion can be brought inside under the bark of firewood. The species is not considered highly dangerous but to avoid an accidental sting maybe wear gloves when carrying the firewood. Those draught excluders may stop any scorpions wandering under the door if you have large cracks. Despite the fact that scorpions can be quite common even into the inner suburbs of Melbourne we have very few stings reported to us. 
Michelle 27 September, 2012 13:36
We live in Lakes Entrance and have seen plenty of scorpions around the house and even a few inside but this morning my son got up close and real personal with one that had decided to take up residence in his shorts that were on his bedroom floor and stung him near his groin when he put them on. He was not a happy kid after that and neither was the scorpion ..
Discovery Centre 27 September, 2012 15:09

Hi Michelle, sorry to hear that, your son has been quite unlucky. We get many enquiries about scorpions each year and almost none of them are to report a sting. Hope all are well, although I imagine the scorpion may not have been popular.

Jacob 3 November, 2012 22:13
We moved to Hobart 6 days ago so far have had 2 wood scorpions in our house. We lived in inner Melbourne for 29 years and never saw 1. I didn't put them outside as I didn't want to risk handling them, so regrettably I killed them. There is one sliding door into the house which has no gap so the draft stoppers won't help. It is possible that they are coming from under the house through gaps in the skirting. Is there any known species of birds, spiders or insects which eat wood scorpions? Possibly we could attract these into the garden somehow to reduce the numbers of scorpions in the garden which might reduce the number in the house.
Discovery Centre 7 November, 2012 12:52

Hi Jacob, the Live Exhibits Team have provided the following information for you.  Scorpions are common throughout most backyards in Victoria and Tasmania, but they rarely enter houses as the air inside buildings is too dry and they die quite quickly. So you may have had scorpions in your house in Melbourne, but they never lasted long enough for you to find them. The scorpions found around Melbourne and Hobart are relatively harmless - their sting is no worse than a bee sting.  Any large predatory invertebrate and any bird or small mammal will happily devour a scorpion - they have no particular predators that can be used to reduce their numbers. The best way is to keep them out, by reducing their entry points and by checking when bringing anything (such as firewood) from outside into the house.

Discovery Centre 8 December, 2012 13:44
Hi Zane, scorpions can enter homes via very small openings. They can be found in bathrooms where conditions are humid, not too dry and where water is available. If they are hunting for food they may be found in the bathroom if that is where the most invertebrates in the house are to be found. If you have a wood fire the scorpion may have been brought into the house with the wood or under the bark of the wood.
Erin 11 March, 2013 10:57
Hey all, I found a scorpion sitting on the bathtub a few weeks ago. We live in the Riverina of NSW and have never heard of scorpions in Aus before. We've put it in a jar, it plays dead a lot but will run around the jar and what we would like to know is if it will eat white ants? Cheers
Heather 15 March, 2013 11:26
we just found a 25mm wood scorpion in the drain gully of the shower. We lifted the grill to clean it and there it was, very freaky as did not know scorpions existed in Victoria. last week there was red back in the bath, we live bayside metro Melbourne, it must have been the hot dry weather?
Shane 9 May, 2013 00:56
Southern or Wood found in Keysborough 3 days ago hiding next to the mat outside the laundry. Very cool! Lucky to find or common round here? Just moved in to the new Somerville estate.
Greg 9 May, 2013 13:54
I have seen a couple in southern tassie in the places I have lived, but I just found one that very dark almost black and it had red spots around the outside of its body. I have trawled through pictures online and read through a few sites and can't find a scorpion that fits that description , ohh and it was about maybe an inch long or a fraction less. Any ideas ?
tabitha mortell 10 July, 2013 06:41
found one in our kitchen floor crazy cause i live in Cassville, Mo USA came out of our soda box i think...
Jamie 18 August, 2013 23:06
Wow love all the information!! I actually found one of these cleaning up my shed this afternoon. It was living under a bit of carpet. It was very good at playing dead!! I have named it Fred lol He is currently situated it his own enclosure with some bark dirt leaves and a meal worm . The misses is freaked out by it. Such a fascinating creature
T 5 October, 2013 20:35
I've found my first scorpion in the house tonight I live at the top of western port bay Melbourne. Yuk not happy Jan. Now comes the time that I will be sorting out all of the spaces that they can come in.
Rich 11 October, 2013 21:04
Just found a scorpion halfway up a curtain, 5 minutes outside Launceston Tasmania. Safely cupped and returned to the outside.
Wez 29 December, 2013 20:07
Found a small scorpion in the kitchen! Placed it in a match box and placed a heavy bowl over it to prevent escape till I could let it out of the house! When I checked a little while later, it had gone!! Can't find it.. Will it find me?? Very worrying. And how did it escape??
Discovery Centre 31 December, 2013 10:19
Hi Wez, the only thing that scorpion will be interested in is food, shelter and a mate, as you represent none of these you should be fine. The scorpion should make it's way back outside, just be careful if you get up in the night to look where you are walking. If you step on it then it is likely to sting in defence. Scorpions and spiders such as huntsmans are capable of getting through some impressively small gaps.
Helen 28 March, 2014 19:38
We live in Tasmania and were getting quite a few in our house! An annual spray by the pest control man has put paid to them, they reappear approx 11 months after the spray which means its time to spray again!
Shah humayoon 6 April, 2014 23:35
Suggestion welcome ... I have recently discovered number is scorpion in main bedroom . I used to keep the bathroom window open which is attached the bathroom . I have two young kids (2 and 5 ) so got bit worried . I am originally from Kashmir so didn't know much about scorpion . I google around and found that Scorpio in tasmania are not deadly but still they are not harmless art the same time. I called pest control propel who did exterior and interior spray . I have seen any other insect after spray but after a week I could see a scorpion again surfacing ....I want to know ... What else I can do ? Is there any other precautions or any other strong spray or anything ... That stops them coming in permanently and suggestion will be appreciated
Discovery Centre 7 April, 2014 10:23
Hi Shah, We can't give pest control advice, but you might like to make sure all potential scorpion-friendly habitats are reduced around the house. Make sure any piles of wood or debris are kept away from the house, and if you bring in wood for the fire, check the wood or basket for any scorpion hitchhikers!
Neroli 7 April, 2014 11:31
All you people choosing spraying as a solution might want to ask the pest men what chemical they're using and why. If you look up some of these chemicals on a search engine you might find they are much worse that the scorpions! Some are implicated in genetic disorders and cancer. Teaching your kids that they are a bit dangerous and need to be treated with respect is another, perhaps better, option for their health.
tony 16 April, 2014 21:49
just had a scorpion come in the bedroom on ground floor-have seen them in the garden the other year. but my concern was for my 11 month old puppy--what would happen if he got stung while trying to eat it--like he does with spiders---yes have put some draft excluders in place now
Fran 14 June, 2014 17:45
About the end of May I found a 40mm wood scorpion identical to your photo above in Bayside Melb-it was dead & in the collar of a washed blouse I got out of the wardrobe. Now am wondering if I should go through all the clothes...
jordan 20 March, 2015 21:56
Just found one of these inside (our cat was attacking it), just wondering if they are poisonous and also can they kill cats/dogs?
Bev 3 April, 2015 11:07
For a year now, I have lived in Clifton Springs (on Port Phillip Bay) and last night found what looks to be a wood scorpion walking across the lounge room floor; just glad it is no bigger than about 4 cm, as it looks very threatening. There must be something interesting about my lounge room because one hot night last summer I saw a marbled gecko climbing up the curtain. I just wish it had been around last night...
Carolyn 13 April, 2015 09:41
Hi Bev, I have just recently moved to Ocean Grove and have found two small scorpions in the house over the weekend, one on kitchen floor and one on my bedroom floor. They've freaked me out, especially as I have indoor cats, which I am worried about.
James 5 April, 2015 20:15
Saw my first scorpian on the weekend packing up my camper trailer on the banks of the Murray river (Echuca), light brown pretty small. Never knew we had them in Victoria. He didn't hurt me so I didn't hurt him.
Di 14 April, 2015 22:10
Hi, we have just moved from QLD to Tasmania, We find at least one scorpion a night inside the house. The bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway and our bedroom. The most recent one was on my pillow in the morning when I woke up. That has given me quiet a fright as I am wondering would it have gone into my ear while I was sleeping?
nicky 12 May, 2015 22:39
I too found a scorpion on my pillow in the morning and am currently killimg a lot of time out of the bed worrying about going to bed. It has really made me anxious.
Kayla 28 April, 2015 11:30
Just saw my first scorpion on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Was just sitting in the middle of the carpet in the lounge room. Got quite a shock!
Danielle Cingel 27 May, 2015 08:39
Hi, I live in Hobart Tasmania and was bitten by I am assuming a wood scorpion 9 days ago. It was in my bathroom and had crawled onto my top. The bite is still quite painful and swollen. Is this normal for a wood scorpion bite?
Discovery Centre 28 May, 2015 10:10
Hi Danielle, the scorpions in Australia are not considered highly dangerous like some of the species found in other countries. The general advice in Australia in the event of being stung is an ice pack for the pain and see your doctor just to be sure. So if you are still having issues 9 days after being stung it wouldn't hurt to go and speak to your doctor.  
Jon Peart 3 October, 2015 23:14
My dog found a small scorpion while we were out walking tonight on the side of a bitumen road. Location Blairgowrie. Took a sniff and we walked on. Size about 10mm. oval brown striped body. Didn't realize we had them in Vic.
Kylie jones 14 October, 2015 22:16
Hi there we have recently moved into a home that appears to be infested with these wood scorpions...I have 3 young children and our lives currently consist of shaking anything before putting it on, checking beds before going to sleep and our kids beds several times throughout the night, our 20mth old received a sting from one that was in his dads jumper we wrapped around him one evening to keep him warm when we first moved in(it was in the floor and we was unaware at this point we shared the house with these nasties), he had an allergic reaction and ended up in the ER.... Needless to say we aren't happy that they are in the home,we have draught stoppers on the doors but they still are inside in numbers, one even fell into the lamp shade on our kitchen, another fell right beside me onto the bench near the sink whilst I was washing up, another has been caught on our boys curtains in their bedroom..I've caught 2 very tiny ones in the matter of minutes and so far our best ratioof catches is 3 on one day, we catch them every day (and that's not exaggerating) question is how are they still in the house is it possible they live in the walls or somewhere and is there some kind of defence against them in the way of a natural way...the house is getting fumigated by the professionals on Monday (5days away) but we are beside ourselves as we are living looking over our shoulder constantly so to say, im petrified for my kids especially the one whose allergic, we have an 8mth old who loves motoring around the floor and I'm feeling helpless to protect him from them, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please... We are desperate...I knew tassie had them but this is utterly ridiculous.. We are on the north west coast of tasmania.
Kristina 24 December, 2015 09:37
I was stung twice on the back of the knee yesterday. Was driving down from Sydney to Melbourne and assume it hitched a ride at a pit stop and crawled into my jean leg. When I arrived in Melb I crouched down only to have it sting me twice! I stripped off, shook my pants to try to find what it was but nothing dropped out. My husband put gloves on and turned them inside out and found it. Intense pain like my leg was on fire. Ice relieved the pain, doc advised Panadol plus nurofen and elevation and keep it cool. 14 hours later it feels much better but still weirdly fiery and tingly. Shaking clothes isn't enough when searching for them.
Sarah 4 March, 2016 11:29
I just found one today. Wimmera region, Victoria. It was hiding under a flat tyre on the trailer and it ran out when I began pumping it up. Was about an inch long.
Fiona 4 April, 2016 22:42
I found a baby scorpion around 6 months ago in the kitchen couldn't believe what I was seeing. Tonight in my bathroom under the bamboo waste bin was what looked like a dead spider. It was in fact another scorpion but much larger than the first. Yes he was playing dead and yes he was in the bathroom. We have loads of Eucalyptus trees with stringy bark up our driveway... It's like he read all your posts and followed all the rules. Thanks for your site as it confirmed all I needed to know. Pretty scary finding these. I am in Langwarrin Vic.
shauna 20 May, 2016 17:34
I've had about 5 scorpions in my house in the last couple of weeks. Lakes Entrance Victoria. Wish I knew where they were coming from. To eliminate them.
Troy 3 August, 2016 12:31
I would like to know if you know why Cercophonius squama seem to come inside my house more often in winter. We have had 3 of them in our beds this winter and last night l was stung twice. We release them back in the garden when we catch them inside. This winter we are getting heaps of them in the house and don't know why.
Discovery Centre 4 August, 2016 12:29
Hi Troy, that is bad luck to have been stung. We don't get many stings reported to the Museum. We haven't had any other reports that I can think of detailing an increase in scorpion numbers this winter. It may just be that the ones in your area had a particularly successful rate of survival this year and that maybe you do have a few more around than usual. These scorpions can also be found under the bark of standing trees or in logs. Have you brought any timber inside that may have been harbouring the scorpions? Have you established any new garden beds or rockeries near access points to the house? You could try those sausage draught excluders if you have any obvious gaps under doors. 
Dave 9 November, 2016 20:03
I have read these comments and find it interesting how people respond when they come across a Scorpion,they are not monsters,they are an interesting animal and they make for an interesting pet,yes pet,i have 20 Scorpions at the moment and plan on getting more,they are easy to capture if found inside the home,i have been keeping different scorpions now for 4-5 yrs and love them,i have a Colony of (Cercophonius Squama) Marble Scorpions,they are not an aggressive species as far as Scorpions go,if you do see one,dont kill it,remove it outside,they dont seek us out,if stung its by accident,they eat life crickets according to their size,you dont need a licence for them like you do for reptiles and some birds,so if you have an interest why not have one as a pet,if it was possible i would love to have 6 Emperor Scorpions,it wont happen as you are only allowed native species,Emperor Scorpions are the largest scorpion,and they are built like a tank,i have held some of my scorpions but doing so there is always the chance they will sting,for some people its like a bee sting,but we know people do have an allergic reaction to bee stings,and that would also be the same with scorpions,but you dont have to hold them,just admire them in their enclosure,very easy to look after..
Shaunagh 19 March, 2017 21:57
We are constantly finding scorpions in our home in north west Tasmania, and we only bought it last year. We do not have any wood heaters so no wood, we definitely do have draught stoppers on external doors and we don't have any pets or mulch or trees etc anywhere near house. My 11 yr old has been stung tonight after he stood on one in the dark. We are sick of effectively living in fear, and I've read all the replies to similar questions but seems Discovery Centre keeps writing exact same response ie must be from wood brought into house, install draught stoppers, people rarely stung. We find it extremely upsetting and distressing, not fascinating. Surely someone has a solution to keep them out of a home please ?
Victoria 6 May, 2017 08:18
We found a scorpion in our kitchen last night! I'm wondering if it hitched a ride home on my children's backpack as their school has lots of gumtrees and wood where at home we don't. Anyway I was quiet surprised as didn't realise they existed in Victoria......... Keysborough
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