Victoria’s Dinosaurs

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Peter Marriott 15 February, 2012 13:43
I have photos of bones in limestone on shore near warrnambool . Who do I contact Peter Marriott.
Discovery Centre 15 February, 2012 14:01
Hi Peter, the museum can do identifications of specimens. Please see our identifications page for information on how to go about it.
scott 12 April, 2013 12:39
hi was wanting to do some fossil hunting around the mornington peninsula any suggestions as of where to go
Discovery Centre 19 April, 2013 10:29
Hi Scott - there's a location near Mornington called Fossil Beach which, as the name suggests, is relatively rich with marine invertebrate fossils (mostly mollusc shells, corals and bryozoans), however there are some important points to considers when undertaking fossil surveying, our Information Sheets on Fossil Collecting Locations and Methods cover these.
Sonny 18 July, 2013 12:25
Hi I was wondering if there are any places in Melbourne where dinosaur bones can be found. And I also wish to know if there are any known meteor impact sites in Melbourne.
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