Big Kills, Big Killers

Past Event: 8 July 2010

Three Museum Victoria scientists talk about evolution, predation and extinction.

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Big Kills, Big Killers

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Big predators have ruled the oceans for a very long time. How and when did they evolve? What makes a top predator?

Despite being at the top of food chains for over half a billion years, predators are also very vulnerable. Who takes the top spot has changed dramatically through the ages, not always in predictable ways. How have mass extinctions and evolutionary novelties overturned which predator gets to be the biggest and baddest?

Join three Museum Victoria scientists to hear an evolutionary overview that will answer all of these questions (and more) and challenge some of your ideas of life’s big predators.

Big Kills, Big Killers was presented as part of the opening of Melbourne Museum’s newest permanent exhibition, 600 million years: Victoria evolves.


Dr Rolf Schmidt, Dr Tim Holland and Dr Erich Fitzgerald

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