20 September 2012: Edge of Empire

Archaeology on the Assyrian Frontier

Dr Andrew Jamieson amongst the University of Melbourne Classics and Archaeology collection.

On 20 September 2012, Dr Andrew Jamieson gave a lecture at Melbourne Museum examining the Neo Assyrian colony of Tell Ahmar.

Discover the archaeological wonders of Tell Ahmar, a Neo Assyrian colony on the edge of the empire.

For over a decade archaeologists from the University of Melbourne have been excavating the Neo Assyrian site at Tell Ahmar on the east bank of the Euphrates.

Shalmaneser III conquered the town in 856 BCE and transformed it into an Assyrian royal city. Many features of this outpost are dominated by Assyrian traditions – town planning, defences, palace architecture, sculpture, and other luxury artefacts reflect strong cultural influences from the Assyrian heartland.

This lecture will examine the Neo Assyrian colony of Tell Ahmar, located on the edge of the empire, and the archaeology of the Assyrian frontier.

Speaker Biography
Dr Andrew Jamieson is a lecturer and curator of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. His research interests include the archaeology of the ancient Near East and Egypt and he specialises in the study of ancient ceramics and archaeological artefact collections.

This lecture was proudly supported by the University of Melbourne, University Partner

Listen now to a recording of this lecture (39:39 minutes):


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