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Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria

August 2014 marks one hundred years since the outbreak of World War I - a highly significant watershed in Australian history. Melbourne, as temporary national capital, was the centre of Australian wartime operations, and thousands of Victorians lost their lives or were damaged forever by the conflict.

The major element of Museum Victoria’s commemoration will be a 210m² exhibition presented in the Mind and Body Temporary gallery space at Melbourne Museum. It will run for two years from August 2014.

The exhibition will explore the four years of conflict and beyond, presenting the war as a 100-year story to which Victorians today are still connected. It will focus on the impact and aftermath of war for Victorians – particularly the damage to the soldier’s mind and body, and the broader effects upon the community from the conflict. It will draw on Museum Victoria’s own rich object, photograph and document collections, and will include significant digitisation of these resources, creating a long-term legacy for all Victorians.

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