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The Time Lens curious curator
Image: Museum Victoria

Built by a curious curator, the Time Lens takes would-be explorers on a scavenger hunt around Melbourne Museum to discover some of the treasured objects and hidden gems of the museum’s collection. The app is designed to enhance a visit to the museum, but it is also fun to play at home.

Time Lens Episode 1: Treasures and Gems invites families to solve puzzles and riddles to find fascinating fossils, amazing inventions and even talking toilets.

When found, each of the 15 objects comes to life on your screen and tells you its own story.

Travel back to 19th century Melbourne and discover what made it so marvellous. Meet Phar Lap, the famous race horse, the week before his big win in the Agua Caliente Handicap. Learn what terrifies the elusive Giant Squid. Bump into a Cockney fox on holiday with his family in Australia.

There are some limitations to downloading and using Time Lens with older devices and operating systems. Time Lens for Apple devices requires iOS 5 or higher. Unfortunately, the short videos, of which there are 16 won’t play on older Android operating systems. Time Lens may also not download onto older Android phones.

We encourage you to download at home and come to the museum to play!

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