Bunurong Marine National Park Field Guide

Screenshot from Bunurong iPad app.
Screenshot from Bunurong iPad app.
Source: Museum Victoria

The state of Victoria in southern Australia is home to a rich diversity of marine habitats and a dazzling array of marine life, many species of which occur in no other region of the world.

Since 2002, a system of Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries across the state protect these marine creatures and their habitats. A jewel amongst these parks is Bunurong Marine National Park, comprising more than 2,000 hectares extending along six kilometres of coastline. This park includes wide intertidal rock platforms (popular for rock pooling) and extensive underwater rocky reefs, seaweed beds and seagrass meadows (excellent for diving and snorkeling).

Available for both Apple and Android devices, this app presents images and information on over 300 species of marine and coastal animals and plants that can commonly be seen in the park and nearby waters. It also includes park information and activities that may interest visitors. Maps and a gallery of the locations, marine life and habitats are provided.

Parks Victoria has developed this app in collaboration with Museum Victoria to connect people and communities to the diverse wildlife and activities on offer in Victoria's marine protected areas.

Open source code

Museum Victoria has released both the source code for the Android app and the source code for the iOS app under an open source license. 

Media credits and acknowledgements

Images within this app were taken by Museum Victoria staff or from the museum's collections, as well as sourced from external photographers. For enquiries about reusing any media in this app, most photographers can be contacted directly using the links below or more contact details can be found on the MV Field Guide to Victoria app page. If the image you are interested in is by Museum Victoria, or by a photographer not listed please make your enquiry through the Discovery Centre.

Alison Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics

Ashley Miskelly / Sea Urchins of the World

Glen Fergus

Holly Fearnbach / NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Jim Cotton / NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Leon Altoff / Marine Research Group

Michael Richlen / NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Michela Mitchell / Taxonomy Services Australia

NOAA National Ocean Service

Rudie Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics

Sarah Speight / Flickr

Scott Grimster / Peninsula Dive

Steven Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics

Image Gallery

Screenshot from Bunurong app screenshot from Bunurong app Screenshot from Bunurong iPad app. Screenshot from Bunurong iPhone app. Screenshot from Bunurong iPhone app. Screenshot from Bunurong iPhone 5 app. Screenshot from Bunurong iPhone 5 app.

Bunurong Field guide

Bunurong Field guide