MV Field Guide to Victorian Fauna

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna (Android)
Field Guide to Victorian Fauna (Android)
Source: Museum Victoria

Explore Victoria's unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the great outdoors with Museum Victoria’s free Field Guide app.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the app holds descriptions of over 950 species, including birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates from terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

The app combines detailed animal descriptions with stunning imagery, as well as animal calls, distribution maps, conservation status, butterfly flight times, frog calling times and depth information for marine species.

We’ve put in a lot of species, but it’s still a fraction of the complete fauna of Victoria. Our scientists will continue to add additional species and refine descriptions over time.

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna (iPad & iPhone) Field Guide to Victorian Fauna (iPad & iPhone)
Source: Museum Victoria

Part of a set

The Field Guide to Victorian Fauna app is now part of a set: there is now a Field Guide app for each state and territory in Australia. Check them out on our Field Guide apps to Australian Fauna page.

Open source code

Museum Victoria has released both the source code for the iOS app and the source code for the Android app under an open source license. You can find out more about this part of the project on our blog: Field Guide to the Field Guide.

Images and sound recordings

The images and sounds within the app are from Museum Victoria’s collections as well as sourced from external photographers and sound recordists.

If you would like to use any media in the app, please refer to our image and audio credits page.