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18 May, 2011 12:00 by Simon S

When we released Museum Victoria’s Field Guide back at the start of March, we stated that we’d be releasing the code under an open source license. So where is it? Well, the code needs a bit of a tidy up. There’s a lot of unused code to be pruned, along with a few short cuts and gravel roads that need to be paved.

The reason for the polish and the roadworks is to give you code that allows you to add your data, compile and have something that looks as good as MV’s Field Guide (even if I do say so myself), no code tweaking involved. Don’t get too focused on the code though, it’s not the droid you’re looking for.

The real star of the field guide is not the code, it’s the content. Even if we released the code tomorrow, it would take you a while to get your data, images, audio, icons, templates and splash screens together. That’s the purpose of this blog, to go through all the things that you’ll need to have to hand to publish your field guide when the code is released.

We’ll be blogging once or twice a week between now and when the code is published. Every comment gets read, so if you have any suggestions, or if you run into roadblocks and need answers, let us know.

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Les 21 May, 2011 10:58
How about a version that runs under Windows for those of us with netbook computers?
Gary Cobb 22 May, 2011 08:36
Hello! It is wonderful to know you are releasing the code for your App. It is nicely laidout and informative. Please let me know when it is available. Thank you Gary Cobb
Simon S 23 May, 2011 16:37
Gary - Currently planning to release the code at the end of June. We'll make an announcement in this blog when it's released
Gary 24 May, 2011 07:39
Thanks Simon. For data entry will you design entry fields To fill in? Have you used SQLite?
Spencer Brown 28 May, 2011 07:49
Thank you Simon for this great upcoming opportunity to allow fellow developers to use the source code. I will look forward to the release at the end of June. Thanks again,
George Lin 17 June, 2011 12:28
Hello Simons! This sounds GREAT. I was just searching for an app where I can create my own field guide. Unfortunately, there isn't one out there. I'm going to be in a remote Amazon site for 3 months in September as a wildlife guide so I thought something like this would come in handy. I'm tempted to buy an iPhone just for this app! I have an android right now. It would be great to create a format where you can use the data on any OS. Keep us updated! Thanks so much.
Gary Cobb 18 June, 2011 23:10
The iPhone is a great platform for a mobile phone/encyclopedia/field guide/or any number of great every day apps to make life simpler, more efficient and informative. Soon life and all within it will eventually realize that iPhone is the continuation of KISS everything else is just a copy. Sigh.
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