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23 May, 2011 10:16 by Simon S

In the last post, I said that content was the star of the show. So what information can the field guide display about an animal? There are a few details for each animal that are mandatory. Each animal needs

  • at least one common name,
  • a square thumbnail image,
  • either a phylum, class, order, family or genus, and
  • to be in a taxon

The set of taxon values forms the top level list in the app. The taxon values in MV’s field guide are Birds, Butterflies, Fishes, etc, but you can define your own list. If your guide is only going to include frogs and toads, then your taxon list could be Burrowing Frogs, Froglets, Toadlets, etc.

These fields are required because they are the ones that are used to create the listings.  Every other field is optional. Okay, you probably should have at least one display image for each animal, but apart from that you can use the other fields, or not, at your pleasure.  Here's the full list of fields:

  • Identifier (e.g. catalog id)
  • Common Names
  • Taxon (informal name used as a navigational element, e.g. "Birds")
  • Subtaxon (informal name used as a navigation element, e.g. "Herons")
  • Phylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
  • Square Thumbnail Image
  • Distinctive Markings
  • Identifying Characteristics
  • Biology
  • Habitat
  • Native Status
  • Distribution Map
  • Distribution Description
  • Audio Files
  • Image Files
  • Local Conservation Status
  • National Conservation Status
  • International Conservation Status


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