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31 May, 2011 10:48 by Simon S

Most of the information youre going to store about an animal will be simple strings. Images and sounds are the exceptions. Each image and each sound requires two pieces of information: a filename and a credit.

For images, the credit is shown in the bottom right corner of the image panel.

Closeup of image credit

For sounds, the credit is listed in the audio popover.

Closeup of audio credit

The filename for each image and audio file you use in the app should be unique.

When youre sourcing your images and sounds, get the largest, highest quality file that you can. Currently, the maximum size of an image on the app is 1024 pixels square. As memory, processor power and screen resolution of these devices increase, so will the maximum size of the image. Scaling an image down is easy, scaling up an image isn't except on television shows.

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Gary Cobb 2 June, 2011 20:51
Looking forward to seeing the new code. It is pretty extensive and gives lots of information. Well many more sleeps?
Discovery Centre 11 June, 2011 12:36

Hi Gary,

Current timeline for code is 30th June. 

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