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Priscilla: People often ask me "what is it really like on a dinosaur dig?" - so this clip, hopefully, shall show you a little bit what it's like.

Each day we have to wait for the tide to go out. Then we have to set up all the gear and we break rock. We pump out the water and we break even more rock, and geologists argue. We stop for morning tea and eat homemade biscuits, and we break even more rock. And we break big bits of rock.

This is Gerry's rock. What is it about this rock that you like so much?

Gerry: Because it's comfortable. It's lovely to work at and I can sit here by myself without interruptions from inane conversation of other people. Should I be allowed to say that? (laughs)

Priscilla: (laughs) Well, you just have!

Gerry: Oh, did I? (laughs) I can work uninterrupted and no one's looking over my shoulder. So when I break a mammal jaw in half, nobody knows and I can hide the evidence.

Priscilla: That's a bone.

Boy: That's went into the rock.

Priscilla: Yeah, it did. It keeps going into the rock.

Priscilla: And this is what we find. And we pack up all over again because we know that the tide comes in again and covers up the site. We go home, and we cook dinner as a group.

Paul, tell us about the worst meal you've had here at the dinosaur dig.

Paul: Um, I don't think I've ever had your cooking, have I? (laughter)

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What is it really like at the annual Dinosaur Dreaming fossil dig?
Length: 2:38