Teacher Notes

The exhibition provides a valuable resource for interdisciplinary learning in the subject disciplines of the Humanities, Science and Art. Students can explore the connections between time and place and the evolution of scientific knowledge through the eyes of a historian, scientist or visual art theorist.

Cross Curriculum Learning

Our interest in the natural world is reflected in the Australian Curriculum as the cross curriculum priority of Sustainability in recognition of the environmental challenges facing the contemporary world. The Art of Science exhibition provides the opportunity to explore the issue of sustainability through these exquisite illustrations of Australian diversity and a range of disciplinary lenses.

The exhibition is organised around six key themes:

  • Discovering New Worlds
  • Exploring Australia
  • The Golden Age of Scientific Illustration
  • Scientific Art in Victoria
  • Science and Art in a new nation
  • Scientific illustration in the contemporary museum

Three focus questions (History, Science and Art) are provided for each section, as well as a range of web links to guide the student's enquiry.

The curriculum links reflect a range of learning outcomes for year 9 and 10 students, but can be adapted for students at all levels. Teachers are encouraged to take advantage of this resource to stimulate student interest and enliven classroom discussion around the important issues to which The Art of Science exhibition draws our attention.