Site Overlay/Acoustic Survey

Coloured poles in the Forest Gallery
Coloured poles 3.5 metres tall were installed in the Forest Gallery for Site Overlay/Acoustic Survey.
Image: Patrick Honan
Source: Museum Victoria

In November 2013, visitors to Melbourne Museum's Forest Gallery enjoyed a performance installation called Site Overlay/Acoustic Survey by Melbourne artist Geoff Robinson.

The three-part project overlaid ambient sounds from the RMIT Design Hub with live acoustic music from three musicians wandering through the Forest Gallery. Aviva Endean with bass clarinet, Tim Catlin using Federation Handbells, and Ernie Althoff playing a variety of everyday objects, moved with visitors along the winding paths, accompanying the recordings.

Ambient sounds previously recorded in the Forest Gallery, such as calls from the resident Satin Bowerbirds and Whipbirds, were overlaid the following day in a complementary performance on Long Island in the Royal Botanic Gardens. And on the previous day, Long Island sounds were played in the rooftop of the RMIT Design Hub.

Tall coloured poles installed for the performances identified the points where sounds recorded in one site were scaled and overlaid into the next site, creating a chain and link of relationships between the three different outdoor, indoor, built and botanic environments.

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Tim Catlin playing the Federation Bells Artist Geoff Robinson plays one of a set of Federation handbells. Woman playing bass clarinet