Kids Fest Carnivale
Child playing the Federation Handbells during the Kids Fest Carnivale at the Immigration Museum, 2011.
Image: Jon Augier
Source: Museum Victoria

What people say about the Federation Handbells…

“Melbourne's Federation Bells have become one of the great iconic musical instruments identified with this city. Bells are an international symbol of peace and spirituality and to further integrate this with innovative design and collection of perfectly crafted and tuned instruments has and will continue to leave a wonderful legacy on the culture of Melbourne.”

Eugene Ughetti, Speak Percussion


“The greatest thrill was to see the sheer delight and pride of parents of people with limited physical and mental ability perform with a pipe organ during the 2004 Music Glenelg Inc. Take Note Concert Series.”

Joy Downes-Firth, Music Glenelg Inc.


 “I thought that these classroom projects using the Federation Handbells
were very successful in engaging primary school students in fun, stimulating and creative music making.”

Gary McKie, Lower Plenty Primary School and The Lakes, South Morang


“The Federation hand bells were used as an integral part of the creation and performance which would not have been possible without them ...we created a very special event, drawing people together in the almost sacred atmosphere generated by the magical sound of the bells.”

Sue Broadway, formerly of Strange Fruit


“The Federation Handbells helped establish a haunting and evocative soundscape in our 2009 production of bower... It was a privilege to have access to such beautifully crafted instruments.”

Lauchlan Plain, Sanctum Theatre


“Due to the success of our initial public performance, we did an encore of our work for the Junior School Christmas service...Museum Victoria were very easy to work with and their team of workers were very obliging, warm and supportive at all junctures.”

Timothy Barker, Carey Baptist Grammar School


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