One in four born overseas

Cartoon by Oslo Davis Cartoon by Oslo Davis
Source: Museum Victoria

In 1992, the High Court recognises the prior ownership of land by Aboriginal people, rejecting the concept of terra nullius. In 1993, the Native Title Act is passed.

In 1997, the One Nation Party is founded on a platform opposed to multiculturalism, Asian immigration and Aboriginal land claims.

The Australian Government reduces overall immigration targets, seeking more business and skilled immigrants and reducing the family reunion program.

In 1997, the Bringing Them Home Report acknowledges decades of government-approved removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

Nearly one in four Australians are born overseas, representing about 100 countries.

A constitutional referendum on the republic ratifies the retention of the monarchy in 1999.

Aus Pop (1996): 17,892,423
Vic Pop (1996): 4,373,520 Figures taken from Colonial and Commonwealth censuses and exclude Aborigines until 1971.

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