Cross Curricula Pilot 2009

Stage One of Year 8 Cross Discipline Learning Unit - visit to the Immigration Museum.
Stage One of Year 8 Cross Discipline Learning Unit - Visit to the Immigration Museum.
Image: Jan Molloy
Source: Museum Victoria

Eaglehawk Secondary College

Staff at Eaglehawk Secondary College in Bendigo partnered with the Immigration Museum in Melbourne to conduct a pilot program with 50 Year 8 students. The aim of the project was to raise student awareness of the diversity of Australian society and identity. A visit to the museum and use of the museum’s extensive online resources, especially Origins and Small Object Big Story, supported the learning program developed at the school.

Students were encouraged to identify and appreciate the contribution migrants have made and continue to make to Australia. They identified the diversity in their own history as well as in the demography of Australia. Students worked individually, and in self selected and teacher selected groups to engage in whole class discussions around the issues and trends of migration. Students engaged with culturally diverse young people from Gilmore Girls School to hear of their experiences and views of life in Australia.

At the conclusion of the unit students developed a display of their research at the Bendigo Regional Library. Because this practical research project had a broad base across the curriculum, it provided Eaglehawk Secondary College with a pedagogical platform to develop the program in the future with all of Year 8.