Narratives Across Cultures 2009

Victoria University

This is the second year of the innovative Narratives Across Cultures project. As in 2008, the aim of the project was to explore the use of new technologies and modes of delivery, including podcasting and mobile learning, to assist the development of innovative learning programs that utilise public sites such as museums and civic spaces. Narratives Across Cultures linked the Immigration Museum to students at Victoria University and supported a mentoring project between Certificate IV students and final year Multimedia Arts students. The students produced three high quality video documentaries and launched their films at the Immigration Museum in July, 2009. The films were shown in the Immigration Theatrette as part of weekend programming during 2009 and 2010.

Spotlight video: Our Journeys

This film profiles three migration stories; one from Sudan and two from Serbia/Croatia. Each story touches on the very emotional experiences of migration and the impact of those experiences on life in Australia.

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