Permission and privacy


Consent Forms

Parental permission is required before students can participate in this project, which includes communicating, reproducing and publishing material online. Teachers are to ensure that permission forms have been completed for each student, and that they’re kept on file at school.

All interviewees must give their consent to appear in a digital history. Students and teachers should use the participant consent form to request, collect and store this material. This same form must be used for permission to reproduce images from third parties.

Please use the Participant and Parental Consent form when completing a Making History project. This form has been developed in partnership with DEECD. It can be modified for your organisational requirements. The document also contains a checklist for students to complete before submitting their project.

Making History Participant and Parental Consent Forms (DOC, 70Kb)

Keeping consent forms

An historian would keep these documents forever. However, we recommend that schools and students keep relevant documents for as long as the Making History site exists. It is the responsibility of students to show, and if necessary submit, consent forms to teachers.

Use of material

All uploaded material must be original work (created by you), work that is in the public domain (free from copyright), or work that you have permission to use. 

You must reference all your sources at the end of your digital history. This will be confirmed as part of the upload moderation process. Please speak with your teacher about the level of detail required when listing your sources.

See Using and sourcing material for guidelines on what kind of material you can use and how to source it in your video.


Registration is required by all students in order to use the Editor or Uploader, as well as to participate in the online forum. An email address is required to register.


Digital histories are identified by student name and school. Nicknames or group names can be used. We will never publish the full names of students.

For reporting and sorting purposes, this site gathers statistical information about the year-level of students who upload digital histories. Names are not used in this reporting.