Dr Moya McFadzean

Senior Curator, Migration, Museum Victoria

Dr Moya McFadzean has been Senior Curator of Migration in the History and Technology Department at Museum Victoria since 1995. She co-curated the founding exhibitions at the Immigration Museum (1998) and continues to work on exhibition, website and collection developments, including Getting In: Australia’s Immigration Policies Past and Present (2003), Leaving Home (2007) and ongoing Immigrant Stories displays and website. Moya was also a co-curator for the exhibition The Melbourne Story at Melbourne Museum (2008). She is currently the lead curator for a new long term exhibition at the Immigration Museum exploring personal identity, Identity: yours mine ours to open in May 2011.

Moya is particularly interested in the role of memory and material culture in interpreting history, gender perspectives in history and the challenges in representing diverse migration narratives in museum collections and exhibitions. In 2009 she completed a PhD on a cultural history of glory boxes in mid 20th century Australia. Moya’s migration collections provide an overview of many and diverse people who have migrated to Victoria since the 1830s, their motivations for coming, the material they brought with them, items accumulated on the journey, and the objects they made and acquired after settling here. There is also material relating to Australian immigration policy and promotion, and the processes by which people are selected, managed and organised, providing a critical bridge between personal and national narratives. Local community activity relating to migration and settlement is also represented, as well as protest and political movements, for and against immigration, multiculturalism and diversity.

Moya has a Phd and Masters of Arts in History from the University of Melbourne, and a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies from Deakin University. She has delivered numerous conference papers in Australia, the UK, Sweden and Taiwan on the representation of migration histories in museums. She also has chapters published on museums and refugees (Berghahn 2010) and glory boxes and consumerism (Australian Scholarly Publishing 2010).

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