LOTE Italian at Museum Victoria

Years Prep-VCE, Program led by museum staff and self-guided

These programs provide vocabulary-rich experiences based on humanities and science themes in the museums' exhibitions.

Melbourne Museum sessions, suitable for Years Prep-10, led by our Co.As.It Education Officer, are available Mondays & Fridays only. Self-guided programs for Years Prep-10 are available all year.

At Scienceworks a self-guided program for Years 3-9 is available all year; a short kitchen chemistry demonstration in Italian for groups booking this program is provided during Terms 1 & 4 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays).

Sessions at the Immigration Museum led by our Co.As.It Education Officer are available in Terms 2, 3 & 4 for Years 5-9 and Years 10 and VCE on selected days.

The Co.As.It/Museum Victoria partnership program Italian Carlton is held at Co.As.It, Carlton on selected days in the year and includes a Walking Trail and ICT staff led program.

Self-guided activities are available for Prep-VCE students on the themes of Migration, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, History and Design.

Other resources available include LOTE Learning Kits – object-based curriculum-focussed cases – for Years 5-9 Italian, available for hire by teachers for use in the classroom.