Teacher Guide

These student learning resources and teacher support materials are designed to assist in the teaching of Biological sciences, Physical sciences and Earth and space sciences from Foundation to Year 2.

The biological sciences resources include an insect picture book, digital images and insect videos illustrating that living things have basic needs. Colourful scientific digital images are accompanied by a suggested teaching and learning approach.

The physical sciences digital images in the teacher support materials focus on how objects move. Images of the objects in the physical sciences interactive on movement can be used to discuss how size and shape impact on the object’s movement.

To begin learning about earth and space sciences and their place in the cosmos, students can view videos of a museum astronomer describing observable changes in the sky, including animations rich in scientifically correct imagery. A series of image galleries has been designed to nurture student curiosity about changes on earth, such as day and night.

Using these early years science learning resources, teachers are encouraged to develop inquiry-based learning activities which investigate questions such as:

  • How do insects live? 
  • How do objects move?
  • What changes can we see in the sky?

Teacher support materials