Past Event: 1 June 2011 to 15 April 2012

Discover a world of dinosaurs at Scienceworks as you explore the science of palaeontology.

Scienceworks invites visitors of all ages to explore ‘how we know what we know’ about those most famous of prehistoric creatures – dinosaurs!

A new exhibition, Explore-a-saurus, has been developed by Scienceworks to demonstrate the ways in which palaeontologists use fossil evidence to learn about how dinosaurs lived; from what they ate and how fast they ran, to what colour they may have been and even how they cared for their young.

Discover the forensic method scientists use to learn about prehistoric life in a setting inhabited by Scienceworks’ own animatronic dinosaurs!

This interactive exhibition will explore the concepts of palaeontology in a fun and hands-on way by testing your strength against the strength of a T-Rex jaw and looking through the eyes of a carnivore or herbivore dinosaur.

Try your hand at being a palaeontologist by uncovering fossils and bones, comparing the types of plants that dinosaurs ate, examining insects under microscopes, recreating the sounds of various dinosaurs and seeing how they digested their food.

Uncover how dinosaurs lived, and see some of them come to life including herbivores Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Apatosaurus, as well as the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex, King of the Cretaceous Period!


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Event Type: Temporary Exhibition

Daily, Until 15 Apr 2012
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Adults $18, Concession $6 and Children (3 - 16 years) $5. Prices include general entry to Scienceworks. MV Members receive discounted entry.

Phone 13 11 02

Gift vouchers available.

To avoid disappointment, pre-purchasing of tickets is strongly recommended, especially during peak periods such as public holidays and school holidays.

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Sophie 13 January, 2011 07:48
Looks like the exhibitiion we saw in Canberra. It was great and kids loved it, can't wait!!
Adam 21 January, 2011 09:21
This reminds me of the ones in disney land america
Darryl 17 February, 2011 15:42
I hope they are the ones from Questacon in Canberra. My 3yo is at me every day to go to Melbourne to see them. Can't wait til it opens.
c.a 4 March, 2011 20:22
i wonder if this will be similar to the exhibition showing at the docklands: http://www.dinosaursalive.tv/index/Home/
Po-Suan 20 March, 2011 17:56
Is this exhibition like Dinosuars Walk in Melbourne Museum?
Discovery Centre 23 March, 2011 09:18

Hi Po-Suan; no, this exhibition is un related to the Dinosaur Walk exhibition - Dinosaur Walk is a permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum with displays of numerous skleltons of dinosaurs and other large extinct vertebrate animals, wheras Explore-a-saurus is a temporary exhibition at Scienceworks with animatronic dinosaurs and interactive displays.

The display at Docklands has no connection to Museum Victoria and is unrelated to Explore-a-saurus and Dinosaur Walk.

Tim 7 April, 2011 18:28
This looks like a good exhibition. If you are booking online can you still book for Explore-a-saurus? I looks like a good display. I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibition.
Tracee 7 April, 2011 21:59
How long will this exhibition be running?
Tim 13 April, 2011 08:55
When will the exhibition finish?
Discovery Centre 16 April, 2011 11:37

Tim and Tracee - you can indeed book tickets for this exhibition online, have a look at the link above. The exhibition runs until April 2012

Myrna 21 April, 2011 23:34
What age group would this b good for?
Discovery Centre 26 April, 2011 11:42

Hi Myrna,

Explore-a-saurus is suitable for all age groups. Hope this helps!

Olivia 3 May, 2011 19:41
Hi, is there a time limit to view the exhibition on the day or can you spend as long as you like there?
Sally 21 May, 2011 21:02
is this the same one as was in Canberra last year?
Molly 30 May, 2011 16:29
hope the dinos are good. ;)
franice 31 May, 2011 11:22
are able to cameras in to the exhibit
Linus 31 May, 2011 17:27
I love dinosaurs and cant wait to get to the exhibition tonight!!
Denise 1 June, 2011 14:56
What things do you have at Scienceworks specifically for children aged 0-4yrs?
George 5 June, 2011 16:24
Is this smiler to the exhibition displayed here a few years ago? I remember my eldest children loved it and i would love to take my younger ones and nieces, thank you.
Jenny 15 June, 2011 20:28
Do the dinosaurs move very much. My 4 year old loves dinosaurs and I want to take him, but he is a bit terrified by the fact that they move.
Karyn 18 June, 2011 19:48
i can't believe how expensive an adult ticket is, I mean it's not like I'm going to be playing my husband and I are taking our 2 kids for them not for us, and I am shocked that a concession pays less than half. It doesn't make it easy for families who don't qualify for a health care card because one member works and we pay a mortgage not rent and are struggling as it is!!! My sons kinda has told them about the dinosaur expo and is so excited to go but due to the price we just can't afford it! It's just disappointing!
Discovery Centre 19 June, 2011 14:53

Hi Jenny, the dinosaurs don't move very much - just their necks and mouths. However, they do roar quite loudly at times... We hope this helps in planning your visit.

Stephanie 23 June, 2011 13:16
Is there a set time to view the exhibition on the day or can you come at any time between 10 and 4.30 pm?
Joel McK 24 June, 2011 21:43
Just wondering why Dimetrodon is used in the advertising for this. It is not a dinosaur, didn't live along side dinosaurs and doesn't appear to have anything to do with the exhibition? There is also a picture of a pterosaur tagged as a dinosaur, which it isn't. Disappointing the Museum can't get this right.
Discovery Centre 26 June, 2011 11:36

Karyn - Thanks for your feedback.  Just to clarify that the $18 adult entry into Explore-a-saurus includes general entry to Scienceworks.  An adult would normally pay $8 for general admission and children and concession are free.  I hope this clarifies the pricing for you and makes it more affordable as this will make it a full day’s outing.    

jack sharp 29 June, 2011 18:27
When did the dinosaurs die out? And what time period was the Tyranosauraus Rex alive in?
Discovery Centre 30 June, 2011 12:58

Jack - an interesting question, considering many palaeontologists regard birds as a type of dinosaur now. Given this, you could say that dinosaurs haven't really died out at all!

However, the 'non-avian' dinosaurs (i.e. the 'dinosaurs that were not birds') became extinct 65.5 million years ago during a mass extinction event. This event marks the boundary of two major time periods in the geological time scale, this extinction is called the K-Pr boundary  (meaning Cretaceous-Paleogene, formerly the K-T or Cretaceous-Teriary, boundary). Tyrannosaurus was one of the last of these dinosaurs, and was still around when the extinction event occurred 65.5 million years ago. As far as non-avian dinosaurs go, T.rex was one of the most recent.

Discovery Centre 1 July, 2011 11:43
Hi Joel, the illustration you refer to is indeed a Dimetrodon. Although dinosaurs are the main theme covered in Explore-a-saurus, the exhibition also examines other aspects of palaeontology and prehistoric life. The pterosaur image you refer to on the web has been incorrectly captioned – thanks for pointing this out!
mummy j 4 July, 2011 17:07
Defintely think adult tickets are over-priced... my husband and i are going just to take our five kids, but we'll have to pay $36 just to admitt ourselves so we can take them in - pretty hard for a family to manage. Happy to pay for all the kids but feel like it's throwing money down the drain paying for us, 'cause quite frankly we're not interested in the show at all, just thought the kids would like it.
Helen 4 July, 2011 21:48
Hi Is there a time limit on how long you can spend in this exhibition? Also, does this ticket entitle you to to the other areas of Scienceworks? Thanks
Bianca 5 July, 2011 08:24
I am also a bit shocked at the price of entry.Its very dissapointing as i have 3 children under 6 and then theres my husband and me...I just cant justify paying that when we are also on one wage with bills and a mortage to pay.
Sam 5 July, 2011 16:23
Well after all those Positive?? comments Im going to take My son & afriend, suggestion for others have one parent take the kids and take your lunch /snacks with you Parkign is free so it can be a cheap day out Im looking forward it Science works is great fun for all ages !
Marcia 6 July, 2011 14:23
Hi - just wondering if it would be suitable for kids aged 4, 6 and 7?
Lisa 7 July, 2011 09:49
I have been told to book before going to Explore a saurus. I do understand busy phone lines. I have tried for slabs of time over three days to get thru to an actual person, but best I can do is listen to hold music. I am getting pretty frustrated. Don't want to drive 1hr with kids to find we can't get in. Any suggestions?
Louise 8 July, 2011 15:44
Was going to suggest buying tix online but see they add a $2 charge PER TICKET for online bookings!! Now that really is unreasonable as we are saving labour costs by booking online but actually getting punished for doing it ourselves by being slugged an extra $2 per ticket!!!
maria 9 July, 2011 13:29
I am with you Louise. It seems that most events these days want the cost savings to have patrons buy on line yet charge a booking fee. Putting it in perspective, if you had 10 tickets bought per hour that is $20 in revenue. Would a ticket seller be paid $20 per hour, I don't think so!! and I am sure they would get more that 10 sales per hour.
Jo 10 July, 2011 10:27
we all struggle financially. But nothing is for free. And I look forward to taking my 4 year old. Thank you for putting on a Dinosaur exhibition! We are very excited to see it. And I agree, with previous comments. The parkings free, take snacks! And make a rare but wonderful family day out!
Emma 10 July, 2011 21:34
Here, here Jo. It costs more to take the kids to a crappy movie than this day long educational outing. Either pay the money and have a wonderful day out with the kids or go pay $2 for a weekly DVD and whack the kids in front of the TV for the holidays. Nothing is free and you can't get a full day out anywhere fir this price.
Daddy M 13 July, 2011 22:29
Jo - Emma. Totally agree. Even if you don't go to the exhibits which incur an additional cost Scienceworks (at $8 per adult and free for the children) is the best Value for Money place I have been in Melbourne. It really is great. I am fully aware of budgets and we all feel the pinch. If it is a stretch for the 'pay for' exhibits it is really worth the visit for the free exhibits and it is a full day out just for these. Just tell the children the tickets sold out for the other exhibits and shows - but do it before you go so they know this beforehand. The first time I took my boys I didn't realise how much there was to see. We have probably been 6 times in the past 18 months it that good and that varied there has never been a bored moment. Given they are 5 and 6 that is a massive testimonial.
Rebecca 18 July, 2011 16:40
Really looking forward to bringing my 4 year old to see the Dinosaurs. Thank you for the advice on pre-booking. I am in the Grampians, so I do not want to make a wasted trip. Personally, I think your prices are reasonable. Try taking your family to the Melbourne Show in September...
chris 23 July, 2011 10:35
agreed rebecca, this is infact the cheapest child related outing we could find,the show,aquarium even sovereign hill,much too steep for the average earner....
Jamone 6 August, 2011 21:16
can you take prams into the exhibition or not? I have had a look on the website and can't find anything regarding entry with prams. I just remember we couldn't take a pram into the Star Wars exhibition.
Discovery Centre 7 August, 2011 10:08
Hi Jamone, Yes you can certainly take prams into the Explore-a-saurus exhibition. The only places at Scienceworks prams can't be taken inside are the Lightning Room and the Planetarium (and this is to allow clear exit paths in case of emergency).  
Cofjfjf 8 August, 2011 16:20
The dinos were cool They looked real I likes the activitys
michelle 16 August, 2011 20:57
Went today with a school group and spent an hour in exploresaurus, great for whole primary school age, especially grades 1 to 4, children love moving the robot dinosaur and dusting for fossil.
Mary 22 August, 2011 16:34
What is the address of the center?
jessika 26 August, 2011 19:22
i love dinosaur and i am so happy we are going with our class to sciencework only 15$ cheep8
Cait 2 September, 2011 13:28
is there any chance of this exhibition coming to Sydney or returning to Canberra?
Kimmy 3 September, 2011 22:21
Hi! Im a MV Member, how much to get in to the exhibition? Thanks
neda 23 September, 2011 10:18
my kids's CAN'T wait, so looking forward to it!!!
Clayton Powell 23 September, 2011 14:32
Thanks Dr. Tim. That looks fantastic!
John Counsel 18 October, 2011 09:20
I took my 2yo grandson (an avid dinosaur fan) and he. LOVED it. Even more than the exhibition at Museum Victoria the previous week. It was the animatronics that won him (or, in his words, "robot" dinosaurs).
finn 21 October, 2011 08:59
it was so cool
Jane 30 October, 2011 22:12
My kids can't wait to go and see it! Sciencworks is a great day out for the whole family. There are activities/displays to suit all ages and it is all interactive. Take a picnic and the kids can play on the playground. The cost at Scienceworks is very reasonable compared to many other "family friendly" venues.
Samantha 22 November, 2011 13:48
Was just wondering if this would be to scary for a 3 year old?
Discovery Centre 22 November, 2011 14:34

Hi Samantha,

Explore-a-saurus is suitable for all ages and, similar to other exhibitions on offer at Scienceworks, is very child-friendly and engaging. Whilst there is a lot of physical movement and loud noises, we have had many anecdotal comments (see John’s comment above) about young children thoroughly enjoying Explore-a-saurus.

Of course, every child is unique, which will influence how they respond to certain experiences. But if your 3 year old is a big fan of dinosaurs they should not find the exhibition scary.

Rick 27 December, 2011 09:10
I took my 18 month old son which absolutley loves dinosaurs,and 3 of my neices and nephews and they loved it we spent almost 2 hours in there the was very entertained, the dinosaurs are very life like and a little intimidating for the kids but they still loved it i think the price is great it maybe $18 for an adult but kids are free which is good for big families. thumbs up also science works is probably the best place to take the family with young kids in melbourne its great...
Amy 19 January, 2012 13:57
Can't wait to see the dinos:)
Stamatina Pearce 30 January, 2012 06:47
Do you have a breast feeding room and baby change facilities at Scienceworks?
Discovery Centre 30 January, 2012 16:32

Hi Stamatina,
On the Lower Ground Floor at Scienceworks we have a baby change room with two stations for changing nappies and a screened area with an armchair for baby feeding.  The room also has a microwave for heating baby food and drink and a family toilet. It is shown on the map of the site

Naomi 23 February, 2012 21:35
Hi, just wanting to confirm before I purchase tickets for my family that children under 3 are free. My boys both love dinosaurs and are 2 & 1 years old, really looking forward to taking them to see this exhibition!!!
Discovery Centre 24 February, 2012 10:26
Hi Naomi, Yes children under 3 receive free entry into Expore-a-saurus. Hope you enjoy the exhibition.
Alana 17 March, 2012 07:36
Hi, we live interstate and wont be in Melb in time to see this exhibit. Will it be returning at some stage? We would love to plan our next trip around a visit to see this! Thanks :)
Discovery Centre 19 March, 2012 13:50

Hello Alana

Explore-a-saurus is off to Perth June to October 2012. At this stage it will not be returning to Scienceworks

Kerrie 22 March, 2012 14:16
This has inspired my son to have a Dig party..... Does anyone know where to buy or hire giant dinosaur props?
Son is a dino fan 23 March, 2012 14:10
Any chance this will be coming to Adelaide after Perth? My son would love this!!!
Discovery Centre 26 March, 2012 16:48

Hi Son is a dino fan,

There are no plans to exhibit Explore-a-saurus in Adelaide.

At this stage its tour itinerary consists only of Perth and then Brisbane (TBC).

After that, the exhibition’s future is unresolved.

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