2008 Cambodian Festival Video


YOUHORN CHEA: “The people who leave during the Khmer Rouge regime... everyone got a relative or parent or brother or sister killed during the Khmer Rouge.”

SOVANNADET HY: [speaking in Cambodian.]  “When I first arrived in Australia, I wanted to keep cultural dance because it is our spirit: Cambodia’s national spirit. So I had retrained myself and later instructed a group of young people up until today.”

BRENDA CHAMROEUN: “Well, in preparation for the festival, we have been having dance lessons non-stop; celebrating Cambodian culture, I think, is very important in raising awareness. I’m glad to be part of the team to perform at this special event.”

MIRAH LAMBERT: [discussing the brochure and festival planning] “At the moment, it’s in English, but we will put Khmer on the back.”

Cambodian singing. Cambodian speech.

NICK HIM: “A lot of Cambodian young people today, they’re not aware of who they are and the background of their culture. Because they say, ‘Oh yes, I’m Cambodian; I’m proud to be Cambodian.’ But what is it to be Cambodian? Learning about your culture, knowing who you are and where you come from helps you decide where you’re going.”

Cambodian speech.

SPEAKER ON THE STAGE: “Hey, Grandma just told everyone to get up and dance. Everybody get up! Dance!”

Cambodian singing.

About this Video

2008 Cambodian Festival at the Immigration Museum.
Length: 03:36