Indonesian Festa

Past Event: 15 March 2009

Merek (Peacock) Dance of Java
Maria Leeds from Nimar Laras Dance Group performing the Merek (Peacock) Dance of Java.
Photo: George Spiteri

This one-day festival celebrated the diversity of Victoria’s Indonesian community through performances, activities and food.

From north to south and east to west – or, as the Indonesians say, “from Sabang to Merauke” – each of the more than 13,500 islands of the Indonesian archipelago has its own character and traditions. The festival showcased the breadth of Indonesian local cultures and customs – and how the community continues to practise these in Melbourne and Victoria – with the sounds of the gamelan orchestra, the taste of Indonesian food, shadow puppetry, as well as dances and crafts from various parts of the country.

Indonesian Festa Program 2009 (pdf 32kb)

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ebenezer codjoe 19 May, 2017 23:51
i love it
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