Melt: Chocolate Festival video


Luciana Fraguas (LF): The Melt Festival wasn't only about chocolate. You're getting to know a new culture in a new way. People get together and they share their recipes, and they share their stories.

LF: I think it's a good starting point. How do you cook your chocolate? How do you eat? How much you like it?

Nathalie Waulters (NW): I think a festival like the Chocolate Festival is very important to, first of all, just to enjoy it and to have a good taste of lots of different types of chocolate. But also to come together, and to hear a lot of different people's stories, and to feel more connected in the community, I suppose.

Fernando Ramirez (FR): I was able to teach people or show them how to prepare the chocolate in a traditional way using the recipes that they used in those days, the flowers they used to make the cacao drink. How the Aztecs and the Mayans used to prepare the cacao liquid, because in those days it was a drink.

NW: Belgian beers and Belgian chocolates are very important in our culture, and then they do make mix on occasion as well. There are certain beers that have flavours and undertones that complement the chocolate very well. So on the day at the Chocolate Festival, we did have a workshop there with the different Belgian beers and different chocolates, and we had them all matched up. A bit like when you get to a restaurant and you get your wine matched up to your dinner.

LF: There is a traditional, very special recipe, hugely famous. It's called Brigadeiro, which is a chocolate truffle. You just mix condensed milk, chocolate and butter, and you make these little balls and roll them in sprinkles. And there is not one Brazilian children's party without Brigadeiro - doesn't exist.

NW: It's great to see all the different backgrounds and how that all can come together and work together very well in such a tasty way.

FR: Chocolate everywhere, wherever you go in the world, is something that you can offer to everyone. We have different customs, and different opinions about the world, a different way to see the world, but the chocolate brings everyone together.

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2013 Melt: Chocolate Festival at the Immigration Museum
Length: 04:00