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Identity: yours, mine, ours is an exhibition at the Immigration Museum. It is about identity – who we are, who others think we are, and what it means to belong and not belong in Australia.

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The exhibition focuses on how our cultural heritage, languages, beliefs, and family connections influence our self-perceptions and our perceptions of other people – perceptions that can lead to discovery, confusion, prejudice and understanding.

Engaging personal stories, intriguing objects, compelling images and interactive multimedia experiences invite visitors to find connections with others, as well as challenge the assumptions we make about each other every day. Visitors are encouraged to share their own stories, affirm their own identities and celebrate diversity in our community.

Identity images on Flickr Identity images on Flickr  

To generate interest in the exhibition we took to the streets of Melbourne (Little Collins Street to be precise) with photographer Scottie Cameron in March 2011. We asked people to have their photo taken as part of this gallery of image and tell us when they felt they belonged and what their identity was. The response was great - take a look at the images.

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Babs Latham 1 May, 2011 03:39
The exhibition and its installation are excellent - being extremely interesting, informative, thought provoking and enjoyable. Everyone should attend! I learned many things of which I was previously unaware. More information regarding the foods other ethnicities consume would be good - with a view to seeking them out to try for myself. Congratulations to all.
Spiros Soulis 30 May, 2011 22:03
I didn't expect it to move me as it did, it was both a powerful and insightful experience on a number of levels. Few exhibitions are able to dig deep and ask questions that we all need to ask ourselves as citizens of this land. Well Done.
Jayne Persian 11 April, 2012 19:03
So fantastic, absolutely love the video clips!
Happy in my Hoody 28 June, 2012 14:08
i absolutely loooved the video! it really made me realise how important this topic is!!
Genevieve L. Machado 15 January, 2013 23:19
To whom it may concern, You should ask/ have people who feel they do not belong anywhere including their own country/ Island. Yes, I am referring to myself. Regards, Genevieve
Archaeologist 9 May, 2013 23:38
I would like to start by talking about racism, I have a hard time understanding people who judge purely on the colour of skin. However it is not racism to conclude that not all cultural practices should be respected thus not all cultures are equal. Culture has a lot of different meanings but racial-ethnicity is not one of them. Australians must learn the difference! It is not racism not to like someone based on their beliefs or cultural customs. If I do not like someone because they condone violence against others and that person is of an ethnic minority (ethnic minorities change depending on where you live) it is not racism merely the observation of a custom that I or you as a person do not feel comfortable with. Does it mean that I am racist if I suggest to a minority that circumcision is not acceptable in this country no matter who you are? In Australia everyone is equal under the law. That is the only sacred law of the country to make our society work. Everything else can and should be questioned include customs and cultural beliefs, not because they are not the same as mine but because they might not be moral and morality in this country is something that does not allow for other cultures to change based on their beliefs. Treat everyone as your brother and sister, treat every human with respect these are laws that we can all abide by and if you don't then its not racism if we call you out to justify your treatment of others.
jeffrey 6 September, 2016 14:54
i like all the things about different religions
jeffrey 6 September, 2016 14:55
Your website is really good because it gives me alot of information
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