Passports please!

Citizenship isn't something I have consciously thought about until more recently. My citizenship was gained through the efforts of my parents and their unexpected journey and sacrifices. As an adult, citizenship means I play a culpable part in my country's democracy and wellbeing, and realising my parents' hopes.  Leonie Lam

Citizenship is not one-size-fits-all. It can mean security or opportunity. It may be unattainable. Many of us take our citizenship for granted until something goes wrong.

As Australian citizens we have certain rights. We expect our country to protect us. In return we are expected to pay our taxes, vote and obey the law.

Is Australian citizenship an honour we want to share? How exclusive a club should it be?

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What question would you like to include in the Australian Citizenship Test?  Would it be about Australian government and law, values or history, or knowledge about popular culture?