My culture or yours?

Wog is me. I guess I'm the guy who decided to make a point about being called 'the wog'... I still think the word 'wog' is racist and I don't like it coming out of the mouths of those who aren't wogs.Nick Giannopoulos, Australian comedian, 2010

We mix and match styles to suit our tastes, interests and current fads. We skim the surface of other cultures to spice up our own. We can turn taunts into words which empower and unite us.

What used to be an insult becomes a badge of honour.

What’s exotic to one person is everyday to another.

We don’t have our own symbols so we 'borrow' someone else’s.

But when does borrowing become stealing?

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Patrick 17 March, 2017 04:23
>But when does borrowing become stealing? How can an idea or concept be stolen? People are free to live how they please, and should be able to purse activities from other cultures and finding new things to call their own with out fear of being labeled a thief.
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I respect others by allowing them to pratice their culture and religion without any judgements.

Cheryl, Carlton, 22More quotes

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