Mick Dodson’s 2009 Australian of the Year speech

Mick Dodson, a Yawuru man from the Broome region in WA and Co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia, delivered his speech to the National Press Club on 17 February 2009. 

He expressed his desire for reconciliation through a broad recognition of Aboriginal people’s spirituality, connection to country and place in contemporary Australian society.

Watch this video with a transcript.

How does this speech  make you feel? Do his words make you proud to be an Aboriginal AustralianDoes it make you consider your identity as a non-Indigenous Australian? 

Indigenous children need to be proud of their Indigenous heritage and this pride needs to be nurtured during their school years.  It would also help if non-Indigenous children learned about Indigenous culture so that they could appreciate and understand that there is an older culture and history belonging to this land. Beverley Leeson (of the Yugambeh language group Queensland), ACT, 2010

Our forefathers worked, fought and defended this country. We have earned the right to call this place OURS and if Mick doesn’t like it let him hand back the award and go and do some real work about helping his fellow Aboriginals rather than trying to tighten the black armband. Rossco, 2009

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