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Nigel Karikari on the film shoot for 'Who's Next Door?', November, 2010.Nigel Karikari on the film shoot for 'Who's Next Door?', November, 2010
Source: Museum Victoria

Even though the concept for ‘Who’s Next Door’ was already conceived in broad brushstrokes before I was brought on as writer/director it was really satisfying to be able to flesh it out drawing on my insights.

Being born first generation black British from Ghanaian parents it’s been an interesting experience immigrating to Australia. I have often found myself going through and observing situations which I feel my parents must have experienced back in the mid 1960s on moving to London to study. This project has provided an opportunity to illuminate and discuss what lies beneath the surface of a country still wrestling with its evolving multicultural identity.

Through a process of workshops and role-playing, a group drawn from several ethnic and non-ethnic backgrounds swapped personal stories around race, alienation, fears of assault, prejudice and strength in the face of alienation. By acting out a few scenarios we started to hone in on the points we wanted to address. This all proved helpful when I sat down to write scenarios and inner monologues that felt true and reflected the experiences of everyone involved.

I hope the films provide a little window into the day-to-day realities of others and provide a way for people to connect through having experienced a single confronting situation from a range of diverse points of view.

Nigel Karikari, Director and Scriptwriter, 2011

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