Angels’ Voices musical performance


My name is Papi Mukasa, I’m from Congo, like in the middle of Africa.

My name’s Olina and I come from Congo and I’m now living in Australia, Shepparton.

I’m a dancer in Angels’ Voices Band.

My name is Juliet. I sing and dance.

My name is Monga, I am fourteen years old. I am the lead singer in the band.

I’m Jean Pierre, I’m the secretary of the band.

I started singing back in the refugee camp where I grew up.

(singing) Peace, for the world!

And then, once I come to Australia then I just keep on going, singing, because I love singing so much.

I start singing with my family, practise at home, well, singing at different church.

Music in Congo is like a culture, and a second nature for all Congolese.

When you’re dancing you forget everything, everything bad that happens, so it’s really awesome to dance.

The music we play makes people like want to really dance and the people just love it.

You bring together, and then dance together, and you brought ideas, you brought ideas. That’s all we need.

We like singing about the world, how the world changes, how we can make it a better place.

Some young people, they do bad stuff but they don’t think what they’re doing so some songs they’re like teaching them, and they think like, ‘Oh, this song, they remind me everything what I was doing but this song might change me.’

It’s very important to teach the young people our tradition, even if we are too far from our country.

It’s awesome to be one of the Angels’ Voices Band.

We really want to show the community and the Aussie people and anyone around the world for what we do.

I think there’s a future. I know why God brought us here. To show people what we got.

I think that’s where I belong, in the band, Angels’ Voices Band.

About this Video

The Angels’ Voices band talk about maintaining and reinterpreting their Congolese traditions through entertaining and reaching out to new audiences.
Length: 2:17