Ede Horton’s glass creations


My name is Ede Horton. I’m an artist. I live in Camberwell. My religious background is that I’m Jewish.

My parents made a pact when we were very small children not to tell us about some of the terrible things and the pain they experienced during the War, and after the War in Europe. And part of the reason why they came to Australia was to start again.

By the age of about 18 I really wanted to know a little bit about who I was and where I came from, and so to go to America to visit my relatives and also to go to Europe to see where my parents had been was very important to me, understanding my own identity.

When I came back I decided that I really wanted to be creative and that was really where my heart was at.

Glass transforms across my art practice and also into the Judaica that I make.

The Havdalah set came from my love of nature and the Australian environment, and also integrating that into a family tradition and a family ceremony that happens at the close of the day of rest, or Shabbat.

And we light this to celebrate light. And at the end of the day, we quench it in wine. We take – which is like a little gumnut really – and inside are some beautiful Australian gumnuts, leaves, bits and pieces. 

We take the essence of the beauty of Australia and all the people that are here, and we take that fragrance in and we carry that with us for the rest of the week.

The Judaica, the Jewish ritual objects that I make, is very much part of who I am and the root of my being.

It is an absolute privilege to be able to make it and then to make them and know that they’re going all over the world to different people who are going to use it in the same ceremony somewhere else.

About this Video

Ede Horton discusses how her glass creations are expressions of her own contemporary Jewish identity.
Length: 2:00