Identity trailer: I belong


Shanaaz Copeland: When I wear the footy hijab I feel like I belong, that I’m part of the Australian culture.

Edval Val Boa Santos: Teaching Capoeira is important to me because it’s like sharing what’s been good to me in my life. I think Capoeria is a perfect way for you to meet other people and, you know, feel like you are in a community.

Ede Horton: The Judaica, the Jewish ritual objects that I make, is very much part of who I am and the root of my being.

Bindi Cole: The majority of my creative practice to date has been about reconciling my identity with the world, and mostly reconciling that Aboriginal part of me.

Eseta Meneilly: My cultural heritage is the formation – the basic formation of who I am. It gives me my identity, it gives me my story and my history.

Phillip Moore: And there is much to know, to identify, to present and celebrate in terms of our Australian-Irish history in this country, and that’s what I’m on about. To discover myself as an Australian I need to understand what my heritage is because that’s from which we come.

About this Video

Identity: yours, mine, ours is a major new exhibition at the Immigration Museum. This exhibition is about identity – who we are, who others think we are, and what it means to belong and not belong in Australia.
Length: 2:03