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My name is Edval Val Boa Santos. My Capoeira nickname is Mestre Val Boa Morte. I come from Salvador Bahia in Brazil and I live in Collingwood, Australia.

Capoeria is a Brazilian form of martial art. It’s a mix of dance, music, theatre, poetry, self defence.

Today Capoeria is considered like a national treasure, like a national sport. For me it’s just health, everything that is positive.

Teaching Capoeira is important to me because it’s like sharing what’s been good to me in my life.

I think Capoeria is a perfect way for you to meet other people and, you know, feel like you are in a community.

I have students from France, Italy, England, Germany, even from Brazil. They come and they just stay here, train every day, six days a week. Most of them decide to come to Australia just because they can train Capoeira every day.

Capoeira class and group is a good way to bring all those cultures and people together.

The berimbau is, you know, is such a part of the Brazilian culture, you know. Capoeira also was played in the markets. One day someone just came with the berimbau and started to play the berimbau in the roda– that’s how we call the circle where we play Capoeira – and from that time on berimbau stayed there.

Berimbau is, I think, it represent Brazil.

When you have somewhere you don’t want to leave anymore, it’s like a different world. You know, unique. Call it Capoeira!

About this Video

Val Boa Morte talks about how the Brazilian practice of Capoeira creates a local community of participants.
Length: 2:07